13 June 2012

Soltecture hits champion aperture efficiency of 13.9% as it exhibits new 100W modules

Soltecture GmbH of Berlin-Adlershof, Germany, which makes copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGSe)-based thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar modules and supplies complete solar system construction solutions, says that it has achieved new champion efficiencies just in time for the Intersolar Europe 2012 trade show in Munich, Germany (13-15 June), at which the firm is exhibiting in hall A1, booth 120.

With a peak value of 103.9W, analogous to an aperture efficiency of 13.9% and module efficiency of 12.8%, the firm has increased the efficiency of its modules again. "Our research and development department was able to increase the module efficiency by another 10W in less than one year; that’s more than a 10% increase,” notes founder & CEO Dr Nicolaus Meyer.

Soltecture says that it has realized the potential of CIGSe technology by converting it into strong, reliable products with an eye toward further R&D: at its headquarters more than 50 engineers are employed on Soltecture’s Technology Roadmap, which targets efficiency of more than 16% by 2015.

Soltecture’s product portfolio is led by the new high-efficiency Linion 100W, which has an aperture efficiency of 13.4% and module efficiency of 12.3%. “With the Linion 100W we are introducing the strongest thin-film module on the market,” claims Meyer. Until now, the Linion line was available in performance classes of 80W, 85W and 90W. Together with Linion 100W, Soltecture will also exhibit the Linion 95W at Intersolar. Both modules are IEC 61646 TÜV-certified and are being produced in accordance with the ISO 9001-standard. The firm’s system solutions for solar construction – from the prefabricated flat-roof element to the solar roof tiles – are equipped with the new high-efficiency modules and will be exhibited at Intersolar.

*After Soltecture applied in early May to open proceedings at the insolvency court in Berlin Charlottenburg, preliminary insolvency administrator Hartwig Albers (a restructuring expert at law firm Brinkmann & Partner) - together with the merger & acquisition (M&A) experts of the investment bank Macquarie - have initiated an international investor process.

In May, Soltecture noted that the high surplus capacity on the market had led to a dramatic drop in solar module prices, which – despite the firm’s efforts to further reduce costs – could not be compensated. “Due to the technology produced by Soltecture and the advanced stage of discussions with prospective partners, Soltecture is confident that operations can be continued with an industrial investor,” said Meyer. “The discussions over the last month make me extremely confident that with our technology we will be able to secure a new, strong partner as a shareholder,” he added. Previously, in February, Meyer said that Soltecture was in negotiations with several Asian companies seeking a strategic partnership.

“Although it is too early to make precise predictions, the interest with potential investors is high,” comments Albers most recently.

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