13 March 2012

Daylight launches widely tunable 3.2µm laser for measuring mixed hydrocarbons

At the PITTCON 2012 Conference & Exposition on laboratory science in Orlando, FL, Daylight Solutions Inc of San Diego, CA, USA, which makes mid-infrared molecular detection and imaging systems based on its quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology, has launched the TLS-41032 external-cavity laser, offering over 200cm-1 of tunability with wavelength coverage in the 3.25µm (3080cm-1) region of the mid-IR spectrum. Users will be able to embed the laser into a range of sensor products targeted at industrial monitoring, process control, process analytical technology (PAT), environmental and safety applications.

The new laser will provide increased performance in spectral brightness, tuning range and power at this critical wavelength. The center wavelength matches the fundamental C-H stretching vibrational mode, allowing it to be used to measure most hydrocarbons. The broad tuning range inherent in external-cavity technology enables the analysis of multi-component samples where blended absorption features or broad backgrounds can produce ambiguous results when using distributed feedback (DFB) devices with limited tuning ranges.

“This product introduction will enable new instruments in the petrochemical and environmental industries to detect and discriminate a wide range of molecules based on their unique spectral signatures at these wavelengths,” says senior director of commercial products Dr Bob Shine.

“Adding new wavelengths and increased laser performance targeted at key industrial applications is part of Daylight Solutions’ core strategy to bring mid-infrared solutions to a range of commercial markets,” notes CEO & chief technology officer Dr Tim Day.

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