7 March 2012

JDSU launches 40G coherent DP-QPSK transponder incorporating ClariPhy SOCs

Optoelectronic chip and module maker JDSU of Milpitas, CA, USA has announced availability of its 8500 series 40Gb/s coherent (DP-QPSK) transponder for high-speed optical networking applications that includes key coherent processing technology from ClariPhy Communications Inc of Irvine, CA, a fabless developer of mixed-signal digital signal processing (MXSP) system-on-chip (SoC) ICs for coherent optical networks.

Coherent optical transmission increases both the reach and capacity of fiber networks, eliminating bulky and expensive optical dispersion compensation equipment while simplifying network management for operators (allowing deployment of flexible networks that can be scaled to 100G and beyond in an easy and cost effective way, it is claimed).

The 8500 series transponder integrates a range of optical components from JDSU, including an intradyne coherent receiver, tunable laser, and lithium niobate modulator. It also includes ClariPhy’s latest MXSP SoC technology. The new transponder increases fiber capacity by a factor of four (versus 10G) while achieving over 3000km of reach on uncompensated fiber links. JDSU claims that the 8500 series 40G coherent transponder also offers advantages in reach, polarization mode distortion (PMD) and ease of use over competing 40G solutions.

“ClariPhy’s single-chip coherent technology and the team’s ability to support a fast-paced development enabled us to deliver our 8500 series transponders to customers who have been looking for a cost- and power-effective upgrade path to 40G coherent transmissions,” says Tom Fawcett, VP of marketing for transmission modules at JDSU.

“JDSU is increasing the adoption rate of 40G coherent transmissions by delivering a power- and cost-efficient transponder based on its vertical integration of key optical components,” says ClariPhy’s CEO & president Nariman Yousefi. JDSU says that, as a vertically integrated manufacturer of lithium niobate modulators, intradyne coherent receivers and tunable lasers, it is able to supply high-performance and low-cost solutions for the full range of emerging 40G line-side and client-side applications.

Currently being sampled with customers, the new transponder is being demonstrated in JDSU’s booth #1403 at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference/National Fiber Optics Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC 2012) in Los Angeles (6-8 March).

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