6 March 2012

Opnext commercializes 100G coherent modules and subsystems

Optical subsystem, module and component maker Opnext Inc of Fremont, CA, USA says that it has shipped its 100Gbps coherent DP-QPSK-based modules and subsystems products to six customers in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Production of both the modules and subsystems are proceeding as planned this year to satisfy growing customer demand, says the firm.

The OTM-100 is an OIF-compliant 5” x 7” industry-standard multi-source agreement (MSA) module and is based on second-generation coherent technology, offering performance, power, size and cost advantages over first-generation solutions.

The OTM-100 module enables network equipment vendors to build 100Gbps metro, regional, long-haul, ultra-long-haul and submarine transport solutions. Using soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) and advanced DSP algorithms, it improves reach, enables fast optical restoration and switching (less than 50ms), minimizes or eliminates the need for regeneration points, and simplifies network deployment rules, reducing network infrastructure and operating costs, Opnext claims.

The OTS-100FLX flexible 100Gbps subsystem consists of a suite of line-cards that includes a 10x10Gbps muxponder (OTS-100MXP), a 100Gbps transponder (OTS-100TXP), and a 100Gbps universal regenerator (OTS-100RGN). These line cards are designed to share a single type of common host card with multiple types of field-swappable, client-side plug-ins to minimize stocking and sparing costs to both system manufacturers and network operators.

“The Opnext 100Gbps turnkey transponder subsystem family (OTS-100FLX) offers 100Gbps performance comparable to 40Gbps coherent and, more importantly, compatible with installed 10Gbps DWDM systems,” says Roberto Nakamura, technology director for Brazil-based telecom network equipment maker Padtec S/A. “The common link engineering rules and plug-and-play nature of this technology will enable us to upgrade the majority of our existing 10Gbps and 40Gbps DWDM build-outs to 100Gbps immediately,” he adds. “This will help Padtec continue to be the leading optical systems provider in Brazil and Latin America.”

The OTS-100FLX line-cards can be supported in both the existing -4000 chassis, with eight 100Gbps line-cards, as well as in a recently released 4RU high OTS-mini shelf with two 100Gbps line-cards in a horizontal orientation.

Opnext is showcasing its 100Gbps coherent MSA modules and subsystems in booth #1425 at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC 2012) in Los Angeles (6-8 March).

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