29 March 2012

Soraa launches GaN-on-GaN based LED MR16 lamp for outdoor and enclosed fixtures

Soraa Inc of Fremont, CA, USA, which is developing solid-state lighting technology built on ‘GaN on GaN’ (gallium nitride on gallium nitride) substrates, has launched its Outdoor LED MR16 lamp, which matches the performance of a 40W halogen MR16, says the firm. Soraa adds that the new MR16 lamp is the first in its class appropriate for use in outdoor and enclosed fixtures.

Soraa's Outdoor MR16 lamp line is designed and tested to operate in challenging environments, suitable for use in outdoor fixtures, or indoors in fully enclosed, recessed, or confined, non-ventilated track fixtures. Designed to replace standard 40W MR16 halogen lamps, the new product meets and exceeds the performance of halogen lamps, while saving 75% of the energy, says the firm. It is available in 2700K and 3000K correlated color temperatures, and provides halogen-equivalent brightness and light quality without requiring a mechanical fan.

Soraa's proprietary GaN on GaN technology plays a significant role in the performance of the Outdoor LED MR16. Soraa's GaN crystal is up to one thousand times purer than GaN on sapphire or GaN on silicon carbide substrates. This technology enables Soraa's Outdoor LED MR16 to overcome common ventilation and thermal design barriers while still producing a reliable, high-performing, eye-pleasing and natural light.

"We proved that GaN on GaN is the future of LED lighting with Soraa's Premium and Essential MR16 products," said Soraa’s CEO Eric Kim. "Now, with the launch of the Soraa Outdoor LED MR16, we're proving GaN on GaN’s ability to overcome critical barriers and open new frontiers in LED lighting."

"I've compared my outdoor lighting projects using a competitor LED replacement lamp and a traditional halogen lamp, and I want all my lighting projects to look the way they do when lit with Soraa's Outdoor LED MR16." said Jan Moyer, a landscape lighting designer.

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