17 May 2012

GigOptix samples linear quad driver

GigOptix Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (a fabless supplier of semiconductor and optical components for high-speed information streaming) has begun engineering sampling of its GX62472, a Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) Mach Zehnder Modulator (MZM) quad linear driver designed with integrated GPPO outputs for 400Gbps DWDM metro and long-haul optical transmitters.

Key features include:

  • Data rates up to 32Gbaud for use in 400Gbps Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) applications
  • Coplanar differential inputs compatible with industry surface mounted Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
  • GPPO connectorized outputs compatible with market leading 100Gbps DP-QPSK MZMs
  • Low RMS jitter degradation
  • Excellent linearity
  • Single ended output up to 6Vpp
  • Integrated temperature sensor and bias -T networks
  • Gain control and peak detector available

“We are very excited to announce the successful engineering introduction of our first 400G MZM driver, the GX62472,” said Andrea Betti-Berutto, senior vice president and chief technology officer of GigOptix. “The solution integrates GigOptix’s high performance linear MMIC designs in a compact form factor suitable for use in both line cards and transponders. The GX62472 integrates an SMT-to-GPPO transition in the package that simplifies customers’ designs, shrinking the system size and saving costs by reducing the labor required to manufacture the system. Moreover, the coplanar differential inputs ensure excellent high speed electrical signal integrity between the DSP and the driver, while the single ended GPPO connector ensures optimal coupling of the amplified electrical signals with the optical modulator. The driver was developed in close cooperation with our Tier 1 customers and uniquely addresses the demanding requirements of 400G QAM application. We expect this new addition to GigOptix’s high speed driver portfolio to be a significant growth engine for the company going forward.”

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