16 May 2012

SemiSouth launches 1700V/1400mΩ SiC JFETs that simplify fast start-up of 3-phase power supplies

SemiSouth Laboratories Inc of Starkville, MS, USA (which designs and manufactures silicon carbide device for high-power, high-efficiency, harsh-environment power management and conversion applications) has launched a 1700V/1400mΩ SiC JFET that simplifies start-up circuit design in three-phase auxiliary power supplies.

Traditional solutions either use an HV bleed resistor (resulting in a slow start-up at low line voltages and a high quiescent power loss) or are MOSFET-based (which necessitates overload protection and can suffer from high power losses in the MOSFET under fault condition, e.g. short circuit). “By using a depletion-mode JFET, designers can achieve a fast start-up using no extra components,” says applications engineer Nigel Springett. “Our JFETs need no extra heat sink for this application,” he adds.

The SJDT170R1400 will be supplied in a newly developed SMD D2PAK-7L package to simplify PCB layout and optimize switching performance due to lower inductance. This package will have a high creepage distance of 6.85mm (in order to support 1700V applications) and has a size of 16mm x 10mm x 4.4mm.

“We are confident that the SJDT170R1400 will become the de-facto standard for all auxiliary 3-phase power supplies, as the benefits for the users are superior compared to traditional high-voltage MOSFET solutions and the cost becomes less for the total solution,” says senior VP sales & marketing Dieter Liesabeths.

SemiSouth is initially sampling the normally-on 1700V/1400mΩ SJDP170R1400 in TO-247-3L packaging. The SJDT170R1400 in a surface mount D2PAK-7L high-creepage package will sample in third-quarter 2012.

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