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13 November 2012

RFMD launches 125W and 150W GaN HEMT broadband power amplifiers

RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA says that its new RFHA104x series of high-power gallium nitride (GaN) broadband power transistors (BPTs) are optimized for military communications, commercial wireless infrastructure, and general-purpose applications.

Each device is an input-matched GaN transistor packaged in an air-cavity ceramic package providing good thermal stability. Ease of integration is accomplished through the incorporation of simple, optimized, matching networks external to the package that provide wideband gain and high efficiency, all in a single amplifier ideal for linear correction circuits.

Using a 65V high-power-density GaN process optimized for high peak-to-average ratio applications, the amplifiers achieve high power (125W for the RFHA1042 and 150W for the RFHA1043) with high efficiency and flat gain over a broad frequency range (225-450MHz for the RFHA1042 and 1.2-1.85GHz for the RFHA1043) in a single amplifier design.

For 48V modulated performance, output power (POUT) is 45.2dBm; gainĀ  is 18.5dB (RFHA1042) and 15.5dB (RFHA1043); drain efficiency is 42% (RFHA1042) and 30% (RFHA1043); and adjacent channel leakage power (ACP) is -26dBc (RFHA1042) and -30dBc (RFHA1043).

For 48V CW broadband performance, output power (POUT) is 51.4dBm (RFHA1042) and 52dBm (RFHA1043); gain is 16dB (RFHA1042) and 13.5dB (RFHA1043); and drain efficiency is 60% (RFHA1042) and 51% (RFHA1043).

The new devices are optimized for video bandwidth and minimized memory effects. Large-signal models are available.



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