6 September 2012

Dual-Band ProEficientT PAs from Anadigics

GaAs-based broadband wireless and wireline communications component maker Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has expanded its ProEficientT 3G / 4G power amplifier (PA) product family with the introduction of new dual-band PAs, which the firm says deliver world-class efficiency across all power levels to extend overall battery-life in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Anadigics' ProEficient PAs are built on the firm’s exclusive InGaP-PlusT technology and patented design architectures to provide greater talk time in low-power mode with longer data application use in high-power mode.  This differentiated technology also enables higher levels of integration, reducing three-dimensional space requirements for dual-band 3G and 4G applications, says Anadigics.

"Modern 4G smart phones provide users with access to incredibly fast data speeds that rival many wired broadband connections," said Jerry Miller, vice president of Wireless Mobile Products at Anadigics. "However, the increasing use of 4G data is driving greater current consumption, decreasing battery-life in both smartphones and tablets.  By combining the industry's highest efficiency across all power levels with a highly integrated small footprint package, Anadigics' new dual-band ProEficient power amplifiers not only offer a smart path to greater battery-life, but also enable sleek designs."

ProEficient PAs feature two independent amplification chains to deliver outstanding performance for each band. The PAs provide industry-leading efficiency at high and low power modes, to maximize 4G battery-life without the use of a DC-DC converter, says Anadigics. They are also optimized for use with average power tracking (APT) to further increase efficiency and reduce current consumption at medium and low operating powers.  By combining frequently used band combinations with an internal voltage regulator in compact 3 mm by 4 mm packages, these battery-life extending PAs also help to save valuable PCB space.

Anadigics Dual-Band ProEficientT PA family features:

Best-in-Class Performance

  • Industry-leading efficiency across all power levels: 46% in high power mode; 40% in low power mode
  • Low quiescent current
  • Best-in-class linearity
  • CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, and HSPA+ compliant

Outstanding Integration

*Two independent power amplifiers in a single package
*Internal voltage regulation
*Integrated DC blocks on RF ports
*RF matching optimized for output power, efficiency, and linearity in a 50-Ohm system
*Compact, low profile 3 mm x 4 mm x 0.9 mm package

Frequency Band Combinations

  • AWT6751:  Bands 1 & 8
  • AWT6754:  Bands 3 & 5
  • AWT6755:  Bands 2 & 5
  • AWT6756:  Bands 1 & 5

Samples are available now for qualified programs.

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