17 September 2012

Padtec’s Civcom and CPqD unveiling 100G multi-rate DP-QPSK coherent tunable transponder

Brazil-based CPqD (an independent institution focusing on innovation in information & communication technologies), Padtec S/A of Campinas–Sao Paulo, Brazil (the largest manufacturer of optical transmission systems in Latin America) and its subsidiary Civcom of Petach Tikva, Israel (which makes 1-100Gb/s widely tunable optical transponders and transceivers) are marking the conclusion of their joint research and development program for a soon-to-be-launched 100Gbps DP-QPSK (dual-polarity quad phase-shift keying) multi-rate coherent tunable transponder.

Provided by Civcom (which was founded in 2000 and acquired by Padtec in 2008), the 100Gbps DP-QPSK will initially be integrated into the equipment of Padtec and then, by early 2013, by GA for the global market.
“Our research goal was to create a new generation of optical communication systems for broadband networks while providing short time-to-market,” says Padtec’s president Jorge Salomão Pereira.

With what is claimed to be one of the largest research centers in the world, CPqD joined forces with Civcom’s R&D to research 100Gbps coherent technology. In November 2011 they announced their joint cooperation. Less than a year later, Civcom is showcasing the product in booth 458 at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2012) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (17-19 September).

The new 100Gbps DP-QPSK coherent tunable transponder module is equipped with an advanced digital signal processing (DSP) unit that eliminates the need for optical compensation in chromatic dispersion, and features what is claimed to be the lowest power consumption in the optical market.

“CPqD is committed to working with and exploring new technologies with Civcom,” says CPqD’s president Helio Graciosa. “Civcom has one of the most advanced commercial coherent tunable transponder solution in the market today, with strong research, development and commercial deployment capabilities, mainly due to the support and joint research established with CPqD,” comments Civcom’s VP R&D Efraim Roif.

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