12 September 2012

GigOptix to showcase 100G DP-16QAM system at ECOC

At the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (booth 275), taking place next week (September 17-19) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, GigOptix Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (a fabless supplier of analog semiconductor and optical components enabling high-speed end-to-end information streaming over optical fiber and wireless networks), is showcasing a full 100G DP-16QAM system using the GigOptix GX62472 100G driver and the CR-100B, a second generation 25G coherent receiver courtesy of Picometrix, a subsidiary of Advanced Photonix Inc.

Picometrix’s CR-100B receiver houses the GigOptix GX3222B, a dual channel 32Gbaud linear transimpedance amplifier (TIA) designed for use in 100G DWDM optical receivers. This TIA is a high performance, silicon germanium (SiGe), TIA with adjustable bandwidth control that enables its use in receiver modules in a number of fiber optic transmission systems such as current generation 100G DP‐QPSK optical systems in addition to future 400Gb/s optical systems.

Features of the GX3222B include:

  • Adjustable frequency range supporting 28Gbaud up to 32Gbaud
  • Differential gain up to 5000Ω
  • 660 mW low power consumption
  • Linear gain with over 30dB of dynamic range

“Working closely with GigOptix on implementing the GX3222B into our CR-100B receiver, and utilizing it within an exciting demonstration, lets us successfully showcase the range that our products can work successfully under,” said Rob Risser, general manager and president of Picometrix. “GigOptix and Picometrix have had a long standing, fruitful relationship and as a company, we are proud to be able to present the results of our collaborations during ECOC this year.”

“Demonstrating a 100G DP-16QAM system is an immense achievement for all parties involved; GigOptix, CPqD, and Picometrix,” said Dr. Raluca Dinu, vice president and general manager of the GigOptix Optical Product Line. “With the proven technology that this demonstration presents to the market, it stabilizes a vision for future 400G applications. This system represents the next steps for optical communications and it is exciting to see multiple collaborators come together to successfully showcase the future.”

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