12 September 2012

Oclaro and 3SPGroup establish MSA enabling smaller and more compact pump laser packaging

Optical communications and laser component, module and subsystem maker Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA and 3SPGroup, which designs and manufactures optical components and modules for lasers, sensors and telecoms markets, have announced the establishment of a multi-source agreement (MSA) that defines a new industry-standard small form factor (SFF) pump laser package. The new industry standard will enable the design of amplifiers based on MSA pump laser devices in a compact 10-pin butterfly package that is about 30% the size of the legacy 14-pin format package.

The current standard for pump laser packaging is based on a 14-pin format that has changed little over the last 15 years, say the firms. The new SFF 10-pin butterfly package has the same pin-out, pin-pitch and front mounting hole centers as the existing legacy 14-pin so that it remains backwardly compatible with legacy applications. Electrical connections to laser, internal thermoelectric cooler (TEC), back facet monitor diode (BFM) and thermistor remain addressed to the same pin configuration. The MSA aims to provides customers and the market with assurance and security of multi-vendor supply, aided by the backward compatibility.

As the driving forces behind the new 10-pin butterfly MSA standard, both Oclaro and 3SPGroup aim to enable their customers to develop compact amplifiers with lower costs and reduced space requirement in network equipment. Also, by offering compatibility with the MSA, Oclaro and 3SPGroup will be able to ensure that next-generation pump lasers meet a defined and agreed mechanical outline, footprint and electrical pin-out (key to amplifier customers that would otherwise have to deal with many different formats and form factors from their pump vendors).

“Lower-cost and space-efficient optical amplification with potentially higher component density is critical to implementing complex network solutions,” says Oclaro’s director of product management Simon Loten. “Customers are looking for ways to reduce form factors and they also want to standardize on one format for all their needs — whether that be cooled and uncooled pump products or multi chip devices,” he adds. “We are pleased to deliver this innovative new format to our customers so that they can differentiate in the market with smaller and lower cost designs,” Loten continues.

“We are excited to bring this new family of pump lasers (cooled or uncooled) that combine higher optical power into a small size into the market that will help our customers to evolve their next-generation network solutions,” says 3SPGroup’s chief technology officer Didier Sauvage. “This new product family complements our existing small size pump module offerings (MiniDIL),” he adds. “The industry is trending towards smaller form factors and, by establishing an MSA, customers now have a clear route and assurance that they will have multiple-vendor supply.”

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