20 September 2012

Optogan’s DSF lighting illuminates renovated Luxol sports field

European LED chip and luminaire maker Optogan has supplied DSF (Dynamic Sport Field) lighting to the renovated Luxol Sport field in Pembroke, Malta, which was officially opened on 14 September 2012.

With its high intensity of 280 lux, Optogan DSF offers a great performance compared to traditional lighting that only had 96 lux. With DSF lighting, the light can be controlled and dynamically changed from orientation (10%), to training (50-70%) to game play (100%); it is even possible to illuminate just one half of the pitch. Due to the various lighting options available, Optogan LED DSF lighting is able to reduce energy usage. In the case of LUXOL, energy usage has been reduced from 35.2KWh to 27.2KWh. This can be reduced further if the system is used dynamically. Expected ROI (return on investment) is around 5 years, depending on the amount of evening matches or training sessions.

“We have calculated for Luxol Sports Club, that the lighting will be used, at random, 3 hours per day and 5 days per week. Dynamically using the LED DSF Lighting will reduce electricity cost enormously. As the electricity prices are on the rise in Malta, savings made with this lighting system per year at Luxol Sports Club, will pay back the new LED DSF lighting system in approx. 5 years time“ says Pieter Bregman, project manager of The LightShop in B’Kara, Malta.

The DSF system has no “light spill”, so that light is only directed to where it is needed. Another advantage is that, as opposed to traditional MHD (Metal Halide) lighting, LED lights can be switched on and off and on again without having to wait for them to cool down first.

Ove Sörensen, director of Sales & Business Development at Optogan, said: “I am proud to present our great product here in Malta. Optogan Dynamic Sport Field Lighting in fact puts the sport into the spotlight. DSF doesn’t have to be only used for football fields, but is also excellent for many other purposes, like tennis, hockey, smaller play fields, as well as hotel chains having playing fields to control the spill of light and moreover, reducing the electricity bill! In other words, the DSF lighting is a very multifunctional product for lighting up areas, big or small”.

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