19 September 2012

Seoul Semiconductor's Acrich2 achieves 100lm/watt efficacy in AC LED module

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor says that its latest Acrich2 AC LED module is now available for volume production orders with luminous efficacy of 100 lumen per Watt.

Acrich2 provides lighting designers a light source with not only high efficacy but also a power factor now up to 97% and improved total harmonic distortion (THD) performance (now less than 25%, to comply with the requirements of each country, including the US Department of Energy etc).

The firm claims that Acrich2 can save about $2 over these traditional solid-state lighting solutions, where additional components and costs are required to provide an offline driver solution with acceptable dimming performance. As well as improving compatibility with Triac dimmers, the AC LED module also provides a DC dimming interface that allows designers to easily integrate new dimming functions such as Touch Sensor and WIFI control dimming.

Seoul Semiconductor says that the improvement in power factor, up to 0.99, can cut energy consumption by up to half, saving electricity costs. In contrast, conventional LED Lighting products have lower power factors (as little as 0.5, but mostly in the range 0.70-0.80). With a high power factor, the Acrich2 AC LED module hence aids the performance of the power grid, it is claimed.

The firm also says that Acrich operates effectively due to its integrated ‘Integrated Multi-cell’ technology, which it has developed over the last 10years. As a result, Acrich can operate from both alternating current and direct current. In addition, it can tolerate a wide range of voltages.

Acrich2 AC modules with output powers of 4W to 16W are now available, and the production line is ready to produce large-quantity orders. Customized versions are also available.

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Visit: www.acrich.com/en/product/prd/acrich2.asp

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