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14 August 2014

SemiLEDs releases family of 80mil EV LED chips

LED chip and component maker SemiLEDs Corp of Hsinchu, Taiwan has announced sampling and volume availability of a complete line of 80 mil x 80mil rugged metal LED chips, including white, blue, and ultraviolet (UV) variants.

The EV-80mil family provides packagers and integrators with a wider variety of high-efficiency/high-output choices to address the growing number of applications in both the commercial lighting and industrial spaces. With the new family, a single 80mil x 80mil device will typically replace four 40mil x 40mil LED chips, simplifying packaging and optical designs while minimizing color fringing and shadow effects common to multi-chip implementations. SemiLEDs EV family, which combines vertical LED architectures with rugged copper-alloy substrates, has proven to be suited to handling the increased thermal and electrical demands of large-chip implementations, says the firm.

“Applications in commercial and residential lighting, along with UV industrial applications, share the common challenge of achieving high output in compact form-factors, in the most cost-effective manner,” comments Mark Tuttle, general manager for SemiLEDs Optoelectronics Co Ltd. “SemiLEDs’ unique vertical-metal architectures allow these devices to be driven hard, without compromising either their stability or reliability, allowing packagers and integrators to deliver maximum optical power from extremely small package or chip-on-board footprints,” he adds. “The EV-80mil line is also able to deliver substantial versatility, including die-level white options that incorporate SemiLEDs’ proprietary ReadyWhite phosphor coating technology, which minimizes blue-leakage and delivers impressive levels of color uniformity with tight binning options for low-profile and multi-color white packaged LEDs.”

The new EV-80mil ReadyWhite chips incorporate SemiLEDs’ proprietary phosphor technology and, when packaged in a typical 5mm x 5mm ceramic package, can be expected to deliver up to 1200 lumens at 3A. They are available in correlated color temperatures (CCTs) of 2600-10,000K with color rendering indices (CRIs) from a minimum 65 to a minimum of 90, after packaging.

SemiLEDs says that, combined with their vertical LED chip architecture, its ReadyWhite solutions deliver a package-ready white chip for COB, single-die or multi-die packaging applications, eliminating requirements for sophisticated and costly phosphor manufacturing technology.

When driven with currents below 1.0A, with the 80mil ReadyWhite chips deliver up to 145 cool-white lumens per watt in typical package configurations, and are suited to applications such as outdoor street or area lighting, or heavy-duty flashlights/torches.

The 80mil blue chips are available in standard wavelengths from 445nm to 460nm (with options up to 470nm additionally available upon request) and deliver up to 4000mW of optical power at 450nm in typical ceramic packaging.

As single-chip implementations, the ReadyWhite and blue chips are suited to narrow-beam-pattern kilolumen applications that benefit from simplified optics and compact emitter sizes, including projectors, MR/GU/PAR spotlights, and automotive front lighting. The reduced chip count from the larger devices also simplifies system architectures for high-bay and other multi-die kilolumen applications.

“While much of the news in the LED industry is focused on general lighting, there is an incredible amount of innovation going on in the industrial and medical arenas,” says Tuttle. “The 80mil UV solution from SemiLEDs allows tremendous power per square millimeter for high-output-density industrial requirements,” he adds. “Applications ranging from spot curing to 3D printing and fiber-optic-coupled systems, as well as completely new applications, are all benefitting from the increased optical control that is enabled by solid-state solutions such as SemiLEDs single-die 80mil series.”

The UV 80mil is offered in wavelengths of 360-420nm with optical outputs up to 4000mW when driven at 3A in typical ceramic packages. For industrial applications, including spot curing of polymers, inks and adhesives, to 3D printing and fiber-optic-coupled systems, the 80mil design enables an 8-10W single-chip point source, eliminating the need for sophisticated optic designs to collimate light, as well as avoiding dark gaps inherent to designs that use multiple smaller chips. The single-chip approach increases flexibility for varying the beam patterns through secondary optics, increases UV exposure consistency, and maximizes delivered UV optical power across the target areas, says SemiLEDs.

The EV-80mil series of LED chips is RoHS-compliant, with production quantities available now.

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