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17 December 2014

Sumitomo Electric ships samples of all-in-one RF modules for small-cell LTE base-stations

Tokyo-based Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd has begun sample shipment of the TPM-2606P2 all-in-one RF module for long-term evolution (LTE) base-stations for small cells.

With the spread of smartphones and other mobile devices, mobile phone system traffic is increasing dramatically. As a promising means for coping with this, operators have begun to use small cells that can specifically cover small areas where traffic is concentrated. Sumitomo Electric has therefore developed an all-in-one RF module that can be used in an LTE base-station for a small cell, based on technology that has already been commercialized for remote radio heads (RRHs).

The TPM-2606P2 is intended for use in 2.6GHz-band TD-LTE base-stations, which are expected to become widely used in future. All RF circuits (transmitter amplifier, receiver amplifier and transmitter/receiver switch) essential for constructing a base-station are incorporated in a compact module measuring 17mm ×143mm × 103mm. Use of the new RF module should slash LTE base-station development and production times and simplify the introduction of small cells, says the firm.

In the transmitter, a Doherty-type amplifier is used, boosting the power utilization efficiency to 40% or more (when outputting a 6W LTE signals).

In the receiver, a balanced amplifier is used, achieving low-noise, high input power tolerance together with low reflectance properties of the antenna port.

In the transceiver/receiver switch, combination with a circulator lowers the switching loss and application power, enhancing the switching reliability.

The new RF module also includes a circuit that can compensate for distortion in the transmitter amplifier, eliminating the need to additionally install an expensive distortion-compensation circuit outside the module.

In addition to this RF module, Sumitomo Electric is also developing RF modules for the 2.6GHz FDD-LTE and 3.5GHz TD-LTE bands. Different transmission powers and frequencies are available on request.

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