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16 January 2014

Plessey orders ALSI laser dicing system for GaN-on-Si LED production

Laser dicing systems maker Advanced Laser Separation International NV (ALSI) of Beuningen, The Netherlands has received an order for a laser dicing system from Plessey Semiconductors Ltd for its LED manufacturing facility in Plymouth, UK.

“An essential process step to achieve our cost and LED performance targets is the singulation of the finished wafer into LED dies,” says Plessey’s chief technology officer Dr Keith Strickland. “ALSI demonstrated their experience in dicing and proved in short turnaround time to be able to meet our challenging process, cost and delivery requirements. ALSI’s multi-beam process will be key to the back-end processes to be included in the fabrication line in Plymouth,” he adds.

“Plessey has introduced and started to commercialize new GaN-on-Si LEDs and we are very pleased that Plessey selected our system to support the roadmap for lowering the cost of LEDs,” says Rene Hendriks, ALSI’s director of commerce. “Once more the multi-beam demonstrated to be able to dice wafers with high productivity while requiring very narrow dicing streets, allowing high wafer yield for such small devices on very fragile base material.”

Plessey develops and manufactures semiconductor products used in sensing, measurement and controls applications. The products are found in a wide range of markets including communications, medical, defense, aerospace and automotive. The firm has started to commercialize low-cost high-brightness LED products, and also plans to develop a range of smart-lighting products that incorporate Plessey’s existing sensing and control technologies.

ALSI’s laser dicing technology is based on patented multi-beam laser technology. Systems are installed worldwide and are used for the dicing or grooving of LED-, RFIC, T&D (transistor and diode) and IC-applications.

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