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17 January 2014

Custom MMIC launches ultra-low-noise GaAs amplifiers operating at 10-17GHz

Custom MMIC of Westford, MA, USA is adding two new low-noise amplifiers, the CMD167 and the CMD167P3, to its growing product line. Both are suited to electronic warfare (EW) and communications systems where small die size and low power consumption are needed.

The CMD167 is a highly efficient, ultra-low-noise gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifier that operates at 10-17GHz. The CMD167P3 is the packaged version of the amplifier, which operates at 8-16GHz. At 14GHz, both the CMD167 and the CMD167P3 deliver greater than 15dB of gain, with an output 1dB compression point of +11dBm and a noise figure of 1.8dB. Both are 50 Ohm matched designs, eliminating the need for external DC blocks and RF port matching.

The CMD167 and CMD167P3 each require a single positive supply voltage for operation. The CMD167 is available as a bare die for hybrid assemblies, whereas the CMD167P3 is housed in a leadless 3mm x 3mm plastic surface-mount package.

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