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11 March 2014

Lumileds launches LUXEON 3535 HV mid-power LED, compatible with less costly high-voltage drivers

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA has launched the LUXEON 3535 HV mid-power LED, which allows lighting manufacturers to design-in high-voltage drivers that are diminutive in size compared to standard drivers, enabling simplified design of compact fixtures as well as lower total cost of the overall lighting solution.

The firm’s high-voltage mid-power portfolio is available in both 24V and 48V configurations. “The advantage of designing-in high-voltage LEDs is that they utilize drivers containing on average less than 20 components, relative to standard LED drivers that can contain up to 50 components,” says product manager Michael Howley. “As a result, the total bill of materials (BOM) cost can be reduced and the amount of inventory they need to carry to design the driver is minimized,” he adds.

Applications for the LUXEON 3535 HV include space-constrained lamps such as retrofit bulbs, downlights, wall sconces, wall packs, and pendant luminaires. “Manufacturers of wall packs, wall sconces and pendants in many different regions of the world are interested in high-voltage LED technology and the design simplicity it affords,” notes Howley.

Lumileds is providing LM-80 data for the 24V and 48V LUXEON 3535 HV LEDs. They are also offered with a 1/9th micro color binning structure with 3- and 5-step color accuracy, offering tight color control.

At a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4000K and a color rendering index (CRI) of 80, typical lumen outputs and luminous efficacies at a drive current of 20mA are, respectively, 120lm and 125lm/W for the 48V LED and 60lm and 125lm/W for the 24V LED.

Lumileds also maintains an ecosystem of demonstrative driver designs for the 24V and 48V LEDs.

Lumileds expanding LUXEON Mid-Power LED portfolio

Lumileds has declared ‘Mid-Power March’ in introducing multiple new mid-power LED products as well as significant upgrades to existing products. The firm reckons that, together with its high-power LEDs, the product launches affirm its position of having the most comprehensive line of emitters and arrays on the market.

“With this expansion of our mid-power LED portfolio, which covers a broad range of CCT [correlated color temperature], CRI [color rendering index] options and different form factors, we now have a complete selection of LEDs to cover all the major lighting applications,” says Khim Lee, director of Mid-Power Products.
By the end of March the portfolio will cover different form factors, for various lighting applications, delivering luminous efficiacy of 185lm/W.

The announcement of a variety of mid-power products throughout the month will be accompanied by the introduction of a new color binning structure that will enable tight color control. The new products will also offer hot color targeting, ensuring ANSI compliance at specified operating conditions. “Our introduction of a new color binning structure and hot color targeting for mid-power LEDs will be an industry first,” claims Lee.

In applications where either high-power or mid-power LEDs can be used, users now have full freedom to select from the highest-performance options, says Lumileds.

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