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25 March 2014

Seoul Semiconductor launches Acrich MJT 2525 series of compact high-voltage mid-power LEDs

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor has released a new generation of LEDs with high performance and lumen density in the mid-power class. The new Acrich MJT 2525 series features the firm’s proprietary high-voltage Acrich MJT (multi-junction chip technology) architecture in a mid-power package, enabling simpler, smaller, cheaper and more efficient driver topologies, the firm claims.

The 2525 series offers a compact symmetrical package with dimensions of 2.5mm x 2.5mm and wide beam angles, making the LEDs suitable for applications requiring uniform illumination. Optimized light extraction from the package results in high luminous efficacies, says the firm.

The Acrich MJT 2525 LEDs have a typical forward voltage of 22V. At a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 3000K and a color rendering index (CRI) of 80, brightness is 95lm and efficacy is 105lm/W at an operating current of 40mA at 25°C. The lumen density of 15lm/mm2 is five times that of any other mid-power package, making it suitable for space-constrained lighting applications. The wide viewing angle also helps to implement omni-directionality in replacement lamp designs.

Acrich multi-junction technology incorporates multiple junctions on a single monolithic chip, eliminating the usage of multiple wire bonds between several die to create the high-voltage architecture. This improves reliability of the LED package, since it reduces the potential number of failure modes associated with wire bonds within the LED package. This high-voltage architecture also enables the use of simpler, more cost-efficient drivers, compared to conventional LEDs. The improved efficiency of the driver electronics also results in less heat generation and fewer electronic components used in the driver design, allowing more space for thermal management within the luminare, the firm adds.

“The new 2525 Series has unparalleled lumen density in the mid-power class of LEDs, not only reducing the total system costs for designers but also enabling new possibilities in lighting design,” says Jay Kim, executive VP of Seoul Semiconductor’s Lighting sales division. “The MJT 2525 series has higher cost efficiency than most mid-power packages and has already been adopted worldwide in a number of designs by key customers,” he claims.

The product is in mass production and is globally available through Seoul Semiconductor’s distributors.

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