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20 November 2014

Veeco launches MOCVD platform for development of GaN power electronic devices

Epitaxial deposition and process equipment maker Veeco Instruments Inc of Plainview, NY, USA has introduced the Propel Power gallium nitride (GaN) metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system, which incorporates single-wafer reactor technology for film uniformity, yield and device performance. The new 200mm MOCVD system and technology targets the development of highly efficient GaN-based power electronic devices that will accelerate the transition from R&D to high-volume production.

Veeco’s new Propel Power GaN MOCVD system. Picture: Veeco’s new Propel Power GaN MOCVD system.

Veeco says that, in response to strong consumer demand for power electronic devices, GaN MOCVD is advancing a new generation of power switching devices that feature higher efficiency, smaller form factors and lower device weight. According to market analyst firm IHS Research, the GaN power electronics market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 90% from 2014 to 2020 as new devices are applied to consumer electronics, solar and wind power, power supplies, automotive and other applications.

“Leading power electronics manufacturers are currently progressing from R&D to pilot production, developing and qualifying novel device structures, with a focus on improved reliability, yield and cost,” says executive VP William J. Miller PhD. “Propel is a platform that will provide exciting future growth opportunities for our customers and for Veeco.”

Featuring a single-wafer 200mm reactor platform capable of processing 6- and 8-inch wafers and designed specifically for the power electronics industry, the new Propel Power GaN MOCVD system deposits GaN films resulting in the production of highly efficient power electronic devices. The single-wafer reactor is based on Veeco’s TurboDisc MOCVD design and includes the new IsoFlange and SymmHeat technologies that provide homogeneous laminar flow and uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer. Users can transfer processes from Veeco’s K465i and MaxBright systems to the new Propel Power GaN MOCVD platform.

The Propel system features long campaign runs and low particle defects for both yield and flexibility. In addition, the proprietary SymmHeat technology drives uniform thermal control for both thickness and compositional uniformity. Providing a seamless wafer size transition, the system can deposit GaN epitaxial layers on silicon wafers that are 6- and 8-inches in diameter.

“Beta testing by power electronics industry leaders has shown that the Propel system is ideally suited for fast cycles of learning with excellent particle performance,” says Jim Jenson, senior VP & general manager of Veeco MOCVD. “This validation is great news for customers as they work to develop innovative processes and technologies for their product roadmaps,” he adds. “As we've demonstrated in the LED industry, Veeco's goal is to help power electronics customers also improve device efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, and ultimately move into high-volume manufacturing.”

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