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9 October 2014

Seoul Semiconductor announces mass production of Acrich MJT 3030

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor has introduced its Acrich MJT 3030 LED. Using Seoul Semiconductor’s high-reliability Acrich MJT technology, the MJT 3030 LED offers improved performance and high lm/$ in a mid-power package, says the firm.

With dimensions of 3.0mm x 3.0mm, the Acrich MJT 3030 delivers a typical luminous flux of 103 lumens at 40mA at 22V, 25°C, 3000K and can be driven to a maximum current of 60mA delivering up to 155 lumens. To improve time-to-market, lighting manufacturers seeking ENERGY STAR qualification can take advantage of the completed 6000 hours LM-80 data of the MJT 3030.

Utilizing Seoul Semiconductor's high voltage architecture, Acrich MJT "Multi-Junction chip Technology", the Acrich LED eliminates the trade-off between size and efficacy. The Acrich MJT 3030 can be operated in either AC or DC modes. AC mode, which uses the Acrich IC instead of an AC/DC converter, improves reliability and simplifies integration when making lighting fixtures. The 0.97 power factor and low THD of Acrich IC-based modules helps save energy and optimize designs. In the DC-mode, the low-current operation of the Acrich MJT 3030 can lower the number of components and reduce the cost of the power supply. The inherent flexibility of the Acrich MJT 3030 LED enables optimized performance in both AC and DC configurations.

Seoul Semiconductor’s executive vice president of Lighting sales, Jay Kim said, "The new Acrich MJT 3030 LED combines the improved performance and high lm/$ with the reliability of the MJT technology enabling lighting manufacturers to create new innovative solutions to address a wide range of lighting applications.”

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