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12 August 2015

Imec extends GaN-on-Si R&D initiative for joint research on 200mm epi and E-mode device

Nano-electronics research center Imec of Leuven, Belgium is extending its gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) R&D program, and is now offering joint research on GaN-on-Si 200mm epitaxy and enhancement-mode device technology.

The extended R&D initiative includes exploration of novel substrates to improve the quality of the epitaxial layers, new isolation modules to increase the level of integration, and the development of advanced vertical devices. Imec says that it welcomes new partners interested in next-generation GaN technologies and companies looking for low-volume manufacturing of GaN-on-Si devices to enable the next generation of more efficient and compact power converters.

GaN technology offers faster-switching power devices with higher breakdown voltage and lower on-resistance than silicon, making it an outstanding material for advanced power electronic components. Imec's R&D program on GaN-on-Si was launched to develop a GaN-on-Si process and bring GaN technology towards industrialization.

"Since the program's launch in July 2009, we have benefited from strong industry engagement, including participation from integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), epi-vendors and equipment and material suppliers. This underscores the industrial relevance of our offering," says Rudi Cartuyvels, executive VP of smart systems at Imec.

Building on its track record in GaN epilayer growth, new device concepts and CMOS device integration, Imec has now developed a complete 200mm CMOS-compatible GaN process line. Imec's GaN-on-Si technology is reaching maturity, and companies can gain access to the platform by joining its GaN-on-Si industrial affiliation program (IIAP). The process line is also open to fabless companies interested in low-volume production of GaN-on-Si devices tailored to their specific needs, through dedicated development projects.

Imec's portfolio includes three types of buffers optimized for breakdown voltage and low trap-related phenomena (i.e. current dispersion): a step-graded aluminium gallium nitride (AlGaN) buffer, a superlattice buffer, and a buffer with low-temperature AlN interlayers. Imec explored side-by-side enhancement-mode power devices of the MISHEMT and p-GaN HEMT type, as well as a gate-edge-terminated Schottky power diode featuring low reverse leakage and low turn-on voltage.

The latest generation of Imec enhancement-mode power devices shows a threshold voltage beyond +2V, an on-resistance below 10 ohm mm and output current beyond 450mA/mm. These devices represents the state-of-the-art of enhancement-mode power devices, Imec claims.

In this next phase of the GaN program, Imec is focusing on further improving the performance and reliability of its existing power devices, while in parallel pushing the boundaries of the technology through innovation in substrate technology, higher levels of integration and exploration of novel device architectures. 

"Interested companies are invited to become a partner and actively participate in our program," says Cartuyvels. "Imec's open innovation model allows companies to have early access to next-generation devices and power electronics processes, equipment and technologies and speed up innovation at shared cost."

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