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20 August 2015

MACOM showcasing fourth-generation GaN technology for RF energy applications at European Microwave Week

In booth #235 at European Microwave Week (EuMW 2015) at Palais Des Congres in Paris, France (6-11 September), M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes semiconductors, components and subassemblies for analog RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and photonic applications) is showcasing its gallium nitride (GaN) RF product and technology portfolio, including its Gen 4 GaN-on-silicon RF product solutions optimized for commercial, industrial, scientific & medical applications.

At volume production levels, Gen 4 GaN technology is expected to yield devices that achieve breakthrough performance and higher efficiency below the semiconductor cost per watt of comparable LDMOS silicon products, and at significantly lower cost than comparably performing GaN-on-SiC (silicon carbide) wafers.

As a member of the RF Energy Alliance, MACOM is bringing GaN RF technology into mainstream applications, including RF ignition systems, solid-state cooking and high-lumen plasma lighting.

At EuMW, MACOM's booth will feature a suite of new products aimed at applications spanning industrial, scientific, medical, E-band point-to-point wireless and X-band radar. In particular, the GaN portfolio and live demonstrations on show include:

  • Gen4 GaN-on-silicon process, enabling GaN-on-SiC performance below LDMOS cost structures;
  • RF energy applications, achieving higher efficiency and excellent gain at a lower cost structure; and
  • Multifunction Phased Array (MPAR) panel, supporting challenging civil and military radar applications.

On Wednesday 9 September (3pm), guest speaker Klaus Werner is talking about the future of RF Energy. In addition, MACOM staff are presenting the following papers on RF & microwave technology:

Monday 7 September

  • Session EuMIC02-02, Maillot (08:50-09:10am) 'Reduced-Size E-Band GaAs Power Amplifier MMIC' by Alex Bessemoulin, Jabra Tarazi, Melissa Rodriguez, M.G. McCulloch, A.E. Parker, Simon Mahon;
  • Session EuMIC01-05, 241 (09:50-10:10am) 'Miniaturized Broadband Up-Converter MMIC' by Alex Bessemoulin, Emmanuelle Convert, Simon Mahon, A.E. Parker.

Tuesday 8 September

  • Session EuMIC10-03, 242A (09:10-09:30am) 'A Broadband Receiver Protection Limiter for FET Based Integrated Circuits' by Alan Noll, Wayne Struble;
  • Session EuMC13-01, 243 (16:10-16:30pm) 'A Linearized, High Efficiency 2.6GHz Wideband Doherty Power Amplifier With Class-J Based Performance Enhancement' by Neal Tuffy, Lyndon Pattison.

Wednesday 9 September

  • Session EuMIC Poster02-04, Hall Ternes- Level 1 (12:30-14:10pm) 'GaN Schottky Diodes for RF Wireless Power Detection and Conversion' by Tim Boles, Gary Lopes;
  • Session EuMC34-02, 242B (14:10-14:30pm) 'Improving upon Pulse-to-Pulse Stability in GaN RADAR Amplifiers Compromised by the Presence of GaN Trapping Effects' by Damian McCann.

Thursday 10 September

  • Session EuMC43-05, 241 (09:50-10:10am) 'Plastic Packaged E-mode Transistors to 50 GHz with Integrated ESD Protection and Bias Control' by Alex Bessemoulin.

Tags: M/A-COM

Visit: www.macom.com/EuMW2015

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