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11 August 2015

MicroWave Technology launches pre-amplifiers for MRI coil applications

MicroWave Technology Inc (MwT) of Fremont, CA, USA (a division of IXYS Corp that makes RF and microwave discrete devices, MMICs, hybrid modules and connecterized amplifiers for wireless communication infrastructure, military/aerospace, industrial and medical applications) has launched two pre-amplifiers for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) coil applications, fabricated using low-noise gallium arsenide (GaAs) devices and components with very low magnetism (a critical requirement for MRI coils).

The MSM series pre-amp has a 0.45dB noise figure and 28dB gain at 1.5T (64MHz), 3T (123-128MHz), and 7T (298MHz) frequencies. It has linearity of 20dBm IP3. The MSM pre-amp is in a miniature package of 0.43-inches x 0.36-inches. The MPE series pre-amp is targeted for 3T (123-128MHz) applications and it has a noise figure as low as 0.4dB with 27dB gain and 20dBm IP3. It also has input power protection as high as 30dBm.

"The MSM series pre-amp is housed in a miniature package of 0.43-inch x 0.36-inch and will be an ideal choice for MRI coils with a large number of channels," says MwT general manager Dr Greg Zhou. "The MPE pre-amp is targeted at the low-cost MRI coil market while still maintaining excellent RF performance," he adds. "These two pre-amplifiers are the newest additions to our pre-amp product family. As a major pre-amplifier supplier to major MRI equipment manufacturers in the past 15 years, we are committed to support our medical equipment customers so they can meet their latest requirements."

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