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9 February 2015

EXpressLO releases new FIB specimen preparation module

EXpressLO LLC of Lehigh Acres, FL USA, which provides specimen preparation solutions for focused ion beam (FIB), has launched the Aspirato lift-out module for the EXpressLO ex-situ lift-out station.

To be featured at the 8th Annual FIB SEM Workshop at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD, USA (25 February), the Aspirato module enables faster processing of FIB specimens by improving lift-out speed and specimen placement, allowing users to maximize the advantages of the EXpressLO grids and lift-out method.

"Researchers are always challenged to find ways to achieve higher throughput. Aspirato improves speed, specimen manipulation accuracy, and positioning reliability for lift out to our patented EXpressLO grids, which are uniquely designed to allow specimens to return to the FIB for further processing," says founder & president Dr Lucille Giannuzzi. "More control over specimen positioning to our grids enables users to quickly place the area of interest in the optimal position for either FIB post-processing or for S/TEM [scanning/transmission electron microscope] imaging," she adds. "In addition, because Aspirato is a module, it can be implemented on all EXpressLO units, eliminating concerns over obsolescence of older systems."

Aspirato complements the EXpressLO portfolio of intellectual property, reinforcing the firm's expertise in creating solutions that improve FIB specimen preparation. The firm says that Aspirato and the EXpressLO solutions benefit FIB users in industry and at universities, in both the life sciences and physical sciences. ExpressLO adds that its solutions provide a fast and cost-effective alternative to executing lift outs inside an expensive FIB instrument.

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