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24 February 2015

KLA-Tencor extends 5D patterning control solution with overlay and film process control systems

Process control and yield management solutions provider KLA-Tencor Corp of Milpitas, CA, USA has introduced two metrology systems - the Archer 500LCM and SpectraFilm LD10 - that support the development and production of 16nm and below IC devices.

The Archer 500LCM overlay metrology system provides accurate overlay error feedback through all stages of the yield ramp, helping chipmakers resolve overlay issues associated with innovative patterning techniques such as multi-patterning and spacer pitch splitting, says the firm. Through reliable, precise measurement of film thickness and stress, the SpectraFilm LD10 film metrology system enables qualification and monitoring of the films and film stacks used in fabricating FinFETs, 3D NAND and other leading-edge devices. The new systems are key products in KLA-Tencor's 5D patterning control solution, which drives optimal patterning results through the characterization and monitoring of fab-wide processes.

"We have closely collaborated with our customers to understand their challenges in optimizing pattern overlay, critical dimensions and films quality," says Ahmad Khan, group VP of KLA-Tencor's Parametric Solutions Group. "Across foundry, logic and memory, our customers require production-capable metrology systems that produce the data necessary to decipher complex process issues," he adds. "Full-featured metrology systems, such as our new Archer 500LCM and SpectraFilm LD10 platforms, implement multiple innovations that facilitate measurement flexibility across a broad range of applications, helping our customers drive current-node yield and investigate next-node technologies."

With both imaging and unique laser-based scatterometry measurement technologies, the Archer 500LCM overlay metrology system offers a wide range of measurement options and supports a diverse range of overlay measurement target designs, such as in-die, small pitch and multi-layer targets. KLA-Tencor says that this flexibility enables cost-effective generation of accurate overlay error data that can be used for scanner corrections or for identification of inline excursions, helping engineers to determine when to re-work wafers or adjust processes to meet strict patterning requirements. Multiple Archer 500LCM systems are in use at foundry, logic and memory manufacturers worldwide, where they provide an independent assessment of overlay performance for advanced development and high-volume production.

The SpectraFilm LD10 introduces a laser-driven plasma light source, producing reliable, high-precision film measurements for a broad range of film layers, including the thin, multilayer film stacks used in forming complex device structures such as FinFETs. Characterization of the thick, multilayer film stacks found in 3D NAND flash devices is enabled with a new infrared-based subsystem. With a significant increase in throughput compared to the previous-generation Aleris platform, the SpectraFilm LD10 maintains high productivity while qualifying and monitoring the increased number of film layers associated with multi-patterning and other leading-edge fabrication techniques. Multiple SpectraFilm LD10 orders have been placed for use in advanced IC development and production, says the firm.

The Archer 500LCM and SpectraFilm LD10 systems join the SpectraShape 9000 critical dimension and device profile metrology platform, K-T Analyzer advanced data analysis system and many other process control systems in supporting KLA-Tencor's 5D patterning control solution. The firm says that, to maintain the high performance and productivity demanded by leading-edge IC manufacturing, the Archer 500LCM and SpectraFilm LD10 systems are backed by its global, comprehensive service network. 

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