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2 January 2015

SEMI-GAS unveils next-gen controller for process instrumentation monitoring of high-purity gas source systems

SEMI-GAS Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems Inc of Malvern, PA, USA and a manufacturer of high-purity gas source systems, distribution systems and control technology, has announced the latest addition to its GigaGuard controller line: the Compact Data Monitor (CDM) for continuous monitoring of process instrumentation for semi-automatic ultra-high-purity gas source systems.

With the CDM controller, SEMI-GAS provides new layers of features and configurability that give operators greater flexibility in monitoring the system conditions of semi-automatic gas cabinets and gas panels. “The controller’s configuration can be tailored to our customers' unique specifications,” says Applied Energy Systems’ general manager Jim Murphy. “Analog and digital inputs, alarm setpoints and even facility communications capabilities can be adjusted to meet the operator’s desired safety and monitoring parameters.”

As part of its next-generation functionality, the GigaGuard CDM controller:

  • allows users to configure alarm setpoints in the field via an intuitive 3" LCD keypad display;
  • provides eight configurable analog and digital sensor inputs for flexible monitoring control and versatility for interfacing with instrumentation such as gas analyzers, cylinder scales, pressure transducers etc;
  • offers facility communications capabilities as an optional upgrade for interfacing with in-house alarm systems via Ethernet communications; and
  • includes Class 1, Division 2 classification with adjustable Z-purge control as an optional upgrade.

SEMI-GAS says that multiple monitoring and alert functions, including a high-performance audible alarm and an LED display to indicate monitor status, ensure safe and continuous control of ultra-high-purity gas source systems used across a broad range of applications. “Our GigaGuard CDM controller was engineered to uphold the stringent and rigorous monitoring requirements faced by our customers in the semiconductor industry, but those same capabilities can be used to meet the similarly high demands of clients in research, manufacturing, aerospace, biotech, and other related markets,” says Murphy.

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Visit: http://semi-gas.com/Products/Controller/Controller-Catalog-Pages/CDM-Controller

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