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23 July 2015

Solar Frontier surpasses 3GW of CIS module shipments

Tokyo-based Solar Frontier – the largest manufacturer of CIS (copper indium selenium) thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar modules – has marked the milestone of shipping more than 3GW of its CIS modules worldwide to date. It is 4 years since the first CIS modules were shipped from Solar Frontier's 900MW Kunitomi Plant in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, and 8 years since the firm first commercialized its technology in 2007.

Solar Frontier has now shipped CIS modules directly to 47 countries around the world, proving their real-world performance in different environments ranging from Farasan Island in Saudi Arabia (where the temperature reaches 40oC) to Lithuania (where the temperature can be as low as -20oC). Solar Frontier's biggest CIS project (the 82.5MW Catalina Power Plant in the USA) is also the world's largest CIS installation, and has been recognized as the winner of the Intersolar North America Project of the Year Award.

Solar Frontier says that 3GW of CIS modules generates the equivalent of 3679GWh, which could completely power 650,000 households in Japan, Solar Frontier's home market. It is also equivalent to displacing 1.93 million tons of CO2 emissions per year (the same amount of CO2 sequestered by about 540,000ha of forests). Also, since the 3GW of shipments represents about 20 million modules, Solar Frontier's factories have now produced enough modules to reach halfway around the world if laid end-to-end.

"Solar Frontier is now building on its 3GW shipment achievement, supplying CIS modules to more homes and businesses, as well as developing utility-scale power plants around the world," says president & CEO Atsuhiko Hirano.

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