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4 June 2015

LightPointe's next-gen 60GHz point-to-point radios shipping internationally, as firm obtains ETSI approval

LightPointe Communications Inc of San Diego, CA, USA, which manufactures Gigabit-capacity wireless outdoor point-to-point radios and laser bridges, says that its new AireLink Series of 60GHz radios has passed all necessary regulatory approvals for deployment worldwide and has begun shipping internationally.

The AireLink Series provides longer distances than competing radios, it is claimed, due to the availability of three unique antenna options and industry-leading transmission power up to +55dBm (the maximum power level allowed in several countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK). The series operates in the 59-63GHz frequency range and is fully compliant with North American FCC and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) regulatory requirements.

"Since 60GHz is license free in most countries - and AireLink radios can reach new long-distance milestones in the V-band frequency spectrum - they can be deployed in applications which previously required expensive leased fiber lines, or required costly backhaul radios in the licensed frequencies," says CEO Dr Heinz Willebrand. "Although deployment of 60GHz radios has taken off in recent years, we found that customers yearned for lower-cost, longer-distance capability, and more versatile antenna options enabling both an aesthetically pleasing small-footprint design and high transmit power," he adds. "The AireLink Series provides EIRP [effective isotropic radiated power] up to +55dBm and a choice of antennas with up to 47dBi gain - the best in the industry," he claims. "AireLink radios also include the broadest selection of modulation schemes, low latency, and full-duplex Gigabit capacity. But just as important, we put tremendous effort into keeping prices very competitive and ensuring the highest ROI for our customer base." All three 60GHz models share a common chassis, providing economies of scale and efficiencies. 

LightPointe claims to be the only manufacturer providing a choice of all three leading point-to-point wireless bridge technologies: millimeter-wave, free-space optics, and hybrid RF-laser bridges (which the company invented and holds patents on). The firm says that demand for wireless bridges has rocketed due to organizations wanting to own their networks and connect buildings without monthly fees - and avoid exposing their data to public networks such as cable and fiber. A point-to-point wireless connection can provide extremely secure transmission and avoid eavesdropping and cybersecurity risks.

"The AireLink Series opens up new opportunities for our distributors and resellers, especially in countries where it is prohibitively expensive - due to regulatory agency fees - to widely deploy other backhaul solutions such as 70/80GHz E-band radios," says Willebrand. "In many countries our high-gain and license-free AireLink 60GHz wireless solutions are a much more robust and reliable option than other millimeter-wave solutions, saving thousands in initial and recurring annual costs," he adds. 

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