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24 March 2015

ClariPhy launches first integrated CFP2-ACO coherent single-board reference design

At the Optical Fiber Communications conference (OFC 2015) in Los Angeles (24-26 March), ClariPhy Communications Inc of Irvine, CA, USA, which develops high-speed mixed-signal digital signal processing (MXSP) systems-on-chip (SoC) for coherent optical networks, is demonstrating and making available what is claimed to be the world's first integrated CFP2-ACO coherent single-board reference design, containing its CL20010 200G SoC and a CFP2-ACO slot supporting pluggable transceivers from leading ecosystem partners. Supporting both 100G and 200G line rates, the CL20010 enables high-density (up to 1Tb/s) optical transport infrastructure line-cards that can be used to accelerate Internet bandwidth for data centers, transport infrastructure and cloud-based networks.

The arrival of solutions supporting the small CFP2-ACO form factor is expected to greatly increase density and performance for applications such as data-center interconnects and metro/regional packet optical transport networks, while delivering the proven advantages of pluggable transceivers such as cost, scalability and interchangeability, says ClariPhy. The complexities of the linear interface between the coherent digital signal processors (DSPs) and pluggable optical modules have presented a challenge to the industry, requiring considerable attention to design limits and performance, the firm adds. The integrated 100G/200G CFP2-ACO reference platform solves that challenge, reckons ClariPhy, and will stimulate next-generation designs with proven schematics and layout files allowing faster time-to-market and lower risk for its customers.

ClariPhy has worked closely with the industry's top module suppliers on reference design development to ensure compatibility while optimizing performance in full support of the Optical Internetworking Forum's (OIF's) CFP2-ACO Implementation Agreement. The design migrates two boards into a single PCB reference platform for companies to easily design their own line-cards while enabling CFP2-ACO skew control, pre-emphasis and calibration to streamline the manufacturing of optical line-cards.

ClariPhy says it is delivering a proven design integrating the CL20010 and CFP2-ACO module. By providing the reference design schematic, Gerber layout files and other pertinent line-card development documentation, the time to market, development cost and engineering guess work are significantly reduced, adds the firm.

ClariPhy says that its LightSpeed-II CL20010 28nm multimode SoC offers levels of integration, performance and software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities that allow the network to adapt in changes in traffic growth and reach automatically. Its design includes support for 100G/200G 16QAM modulation on a single wavelength, which enables 400G dual-carrier super-channels in 75GHz of DWDM spectrum, increasing fiber capacity by 170% and reducing cost per bit by 50% versus today's 100G coherent systems. The equalization algorithms enable both devices to overcome the impairments of the channel, including chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and non-linearities. Support for standard 100G QPSK modulation with what is claimed to be the industry's best optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) provides carriers the flexibility of using a single software-programmable line-card for 100G, 200G and 400G transmission at distances exceeding 3500km.

The 28nm CL20010 is shipping in production to multiple OEM customers, and has undergone successful trials at several Tier-1 carriers.

"ClariPhy's 100/200G coherent CFP2 platform is a pluggable small form factor with lower power dissipation and the higher density that customers need to achieve 400G line-card densities." comments Andrew Schmitt, principal analyst at Infonetics Research. "The coherent DSP can be deployed with a range of CFP2 modules, allowing customers to select the best combination of optical and electronic solutions to suit their specific application," he adds. 

"Cyan is actively targeting line-side interface solutions using CFP2-AC0 to support cloud and content providers who are stuck today with closed, proprietary solutions that limit scale," says Scott Pradels, VP of product development at Cyan of Petaluma, CA, USA. "Our combined solution of a CFP2 offering with the ClariPhy 200G SoC provides a key step in unlocking cloud and data-center interconnect networks to reduce costs and enable the programmability being demanded by our customers," he adds.

"Using their [ClariPhy's] reference design with our CFP2-ACO module, we've achieved performance comparable to mature discreet optical components," notes Tom Williams, Finisar's marketing director, High-Speed DWDM. "In addition, this OFC demonstration shows customers that we are able to offer a proven and quick design solution that meets the rigorous requirements for performance, bandwidth, speed, reach, and interoperability," he adds. 

"The close collaboration between ClariPhy and Oclaro has resulted in this reference design, which our customers are now adopting for their line-cards," notes Oclaro's chief commercial officer Adam Carter. "As the leader in high-density coherent pluggable optics, we welcome the availability of merchant silicon as it helps to further drive the adoption of analog coherent CFP2 modules for metro and high-density data-center interconnect applications." 

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