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10 March 2015

GeneSiC launches high-temperature SiC transistors and rectifiers in small-form-factor metal can packages

Silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor supplier GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc of Dulles, VA, USA has announced availability of a line of compact, high-temperature SiC junction transistors as well as a line of rectifiers in TO-46 metal can packages.

The discrete components are designed and manufactured to operate under ambient temperatures of greater than 225oC. The use of high-temperature, high-voltage and low-on-resistance-capable SiC transistors and rectifiers can reduce the size/weight/volume of electronics applications requiring higher power handling at elevated temperatures. The devices are targeted at applications including downhole circuits, geothermal instrumentation, solenoid actuation, general-purpose amplification, and switched-mode power supplies (SMPS).

GeneSiC new TO-46 metal-can-packaged high-temperature SiC transistors and rectifiers.Picture: GeneSiC new TO-46 metal-can-packaged high-temperature SiC transistors and rectifiers.

GeneSiC's new 240mOhm high-temperature SiC junction transistors (SJTs) exhibit sub-10ns turn-on/off rise/fall times enabling >10MHz switching as well as a square reverse-biased safe operation area (RBSOA). The transient energy losses and switching times are independent of junction temperature (up to Tjmax = 250oC). The switches are gate-oxide free, normally-off, exhibit positive temperature coefficient of on-resistance, and are capable of being driven by 0/+5V TTL gate drivers (unlike other SiC switches, it is claimed). Also, in contrast to other SiC switches, what are claimed to be unique advantages of the SJTs are higher long-term reliability, >20┬Ás short-circuit capability, and superior avalanche capability. The devices (the GA05JT01-46 and GA05JT03-46, with blocking voltages of 100V and 300V, respectively) can be used as efficient amplifiers as they promise much higher linearity than other SiC switches, the firm adds. Current gain (hFE) is more than 110.

GeneSiC's new 4A high-temperature SiC Schottky rectifiers (the GB02SHT01-46, GB02SHT03-46 and GB02SHT06-46, with blocking voltages of 100V, 300V and 600V, respectively) show low on-state voltage drops, and what are claimed to be the industry's lowest leakage currents at elevated temperatures ((up to Tjmax = 250oC). Total capacitive charge is 9nC. With temperature-independent, near-zero reverse recovery switching characteristics, SiC Schottky rectifiers are suitable candidates for use in high-efficiency, high-temperature circuits. The TO-46 metal can packages as well as the associated packaging processes used to create these products critically enable long-term use where high reliability is critical, the firm adds.

"GeneSiC's transistor and rectifier products are designed and manufactured from the grounds up to enable high-temperature operation," says president Dr Ranbir Singh. "These compact TO-46 packaged SJTs offer high current gains (>110), 0/+5V TTL control, and robust performance. These devices offer low conduction losses and high linearity," he adds. "We design our SHT line of rectifiers to offer low leakage currents at high temperatures. These metal-can-packaged products augment our TO-257 and metal SMD products released last year to offer small-form-factor, vibration-resistant solutions."

All devices are tested to full voltage/current ratings and housed in metal can TO-46 packages. The devices are available from GeneSiC's authorized distributors.

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Visit: www.genesicsemi.com/high-temperature-sic/high-temperature-sic-junction-transistors

Visit: www.genesicsemi.com/high-temperature-sic/high-temperature-sic-schottky-rectifiers

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