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19 March 2015

GigOptix and partners giving 100G live demos at OFC

In booth #1225 at the Optical Fiber Conference conference & exposition (OFC 2015) in Los Angeles (24-26 March), GigOptix Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (a fabless supplier of analog semiconductor and optical communications components for fiber-optic and wireless networks) is showcasing multiple live demonstrations of 100Gbps networking.

The datacom-centric demo will feature GigOptix's 4-channel 28Gbps vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) driver/trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) chipset together with its partner's low-power-consumption 8-channel bi-directional clock & data recovery (CDR) IC.

The telecom-centric demo will feature GigOptix's linear quad driver and, through its Brazil-based subsidiary BrPhotonics, the Thin Film Polymer on Silicon (TFPS) DP-QPSK modulator technology integrated into a 100Gbps transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) in a CFP2 form-factor transceiver.

The datacom demo will showcase:

  • GigOptix's HXT6204: a 28Gbps 4-channel VCSEL driver designed for compact, low-power 100Gbps Ethernet SR4 optical transmitter pluggable modules and active optical cables (AOCs).
  • GigOptix's HXR6204: a 28Gbps 4-channel TIA with integrated limiting amplifier receiver array designed for high-capacity datacom 100Gbps Ethernet SR4 pluggable modules and AOCs.
  • MoSys' MSH110: a 28Gbps 8-channel line-speed low-power bi-directional re-timer IC.

Specifically, GigOptix will demonstrate interoperability between the MoSys' MSH110 LineSpeed Low Power Re-timer IC and GigOptix's HXT/R6204 Laser Driver and TIA ICs in GigOptix's booth #1225. The 100Gbps demo will show the devices combined to deliver a complete loopback of 4 lanes of 25.78Gbps over more than 100m of multimode fiber. The performance between the devices is optimized to deliver error-free performance with PRBS31 traffic across the fiber and highlights the ability of MoSys' full duplex re-timer and GigOptix's TIA and laser driver (LD) to form a solution for VCSEL-based applications such as 100Gbps BASE-SR4. The low-power 700mW re-timer and laser driver and TIA devices support multiple module form factors including the stringent size and power envelope requirements of the QSFP28 MSA form factor. Future product combinations developed via the partnership between GigOptix and MoSys will make further improvements in power and address additional optical applications.

The telecom demo will showcase:

  • BrPhotonics' 100Gbps Integrated TOSA Reference Platform for CFP2 transceivers: a 100Gbps DP-QPSK TOSA reference platform with 100Gbps DP-QPSK polymer modulator chip, example coherent receiver, and biasing circuitry.

Specifically, in partnership with GigOptix and CPqD, BrPhotonics will demonstrate a coherent optical link design for 100Gbps long-haul communication with a complete CFP2 TOSA and separate receive path circuitry. The integrated CFP2 TOSA and reference platform utilize a linear quad MZM driver, a BrPhotonics' 100Gbps DP-QPSK (TFPS) modulator, and an independent tunable laser. Discrete coherent receiver devices are located on the reference PCB as well as the GigOptix bias boards. The demo setup provides eye-diagram display on a real-time sampling scope, and X and Y polarization observation via optical constellation analyzer.

GigOptix also says that its next-generation datacom chipset (HXT8204 and HXR8204, offering a reduced-power solution for 100Gbps Ethernet SR4 modules or AOCs) is being previewed as part of OFC 2015.

The firm's telecom portfolio will also preview the GX62476 next-generation, low-power-consumption, four-channel linear driver for 100Gbps metro applications.

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Visit: www.ofcconference.org

Visit: www.gigoptix.com

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