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3 March 2015

Keysight launches Infiniium V-Series InP-based oscilloscopes for analysis, debug of high-speed IC designs

Keysight Technologies Inc of Santa Rosa, CA, USA, which provides electronic measurement instruments, systems and related software used in the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment and operation of electronic equipment, has introduced Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes, which are claimed to provide superior measurement accuracy, enhanced analysis tools and advanced probing systems. With models ranging from 8GHz to 33GHz, the V-Series is intended to enable circuit designers and engineers to make rapid progress from first silicon to eventual product release.

Keysight's Infiniium V-Series oscilloscope.Picture: Keysight's Infiniium V-Series oscilloscope.

When engineers are designing high-speed digital products or components, they need an oscilloscope to help them debug, validate and optimize their designs, perform precompliance tests, discover the root cause of failures, and maximize design margins, says Keysight. The Infiniium V-Series offers engineers the capability to perform these tests more quickly and accurately, allowing them to get their products to market faster and with more confidence in design quality, it is reckoned.

The V-Series' measurement accuracy is claimed to lead the industry in three areas: (1) lowest oscilloscope noise floor; (2) lowest real-time oscilloscope jitter floor; and (3) highest number of effective bits. Based on a Keysight-proprietary indium phosphide (InP) integrated circuit process, these advantages enable developers to see highly accurate depictions of their signals and achieve tighter design margins, it is claimed.

To help designers find and debug their most challenging problems, the V-Series includes a 12.5Gbps hardware serial trigger with a 160-bit sequence (the industry's longest). Currently, this is the only hardware serial trigger capable of finding 132-bit USB 3.1 (128b/132b) or 130-bit PCIe Gen 3 (128b/130b) symbols, it is reckoned. The V-Series also includes the fastest mixed-signal oscilloscope with 20GS/s digital channels, suitable for triggering, analyzing and debugging DDR4 and LPDDR4 buses, the firm adds.

"The V-Series ensures timely validation and debug, whether designers are looking for answers across multiple serial lanes or a massively parallel bus," says Dave Cipriani, VP & general manager of Keysight's Oscilloscope and Protocol Division. "When they choose the V-Series, R&D labs in today's most competitive industries will be equipped to achieve greater clarity faster," he adds. 

To enable high-performance measurements at the probe tip, Keysight is also announcing the N7000A Series InfiniiMax III+ 8 to 20GHz high-speed probing solutions. These come with InfiniiMode, which enables convenient measurements of differential, single-ended and common-mode signals, using a single probe tip and connection. This capability complements the existing N2800A Series InfiniiMax III 30GHz high-bandwidth differential probing solutions. In addition, the new N7010A active termination adapter, which is targeted for HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort and MIPI M-PHY Gear 3 and 4 applications, provides ultra-low-noise voltage termination (with adjustable voltage range from -4V to +4V) to a signal.

Compliance applications are certified to test the exact specifications of standards such as USB 3.1, PCIe Gen 3, LPDDR4, HDMI 2.0, 100G Ethernet and MIPI applications.

The Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes are available now. Base pricing is as follows for the three versions:

  • digital storage oscilloscopes start at $95,000 for an 8GHz, 80GSa/s model with 50Mpts per channel (DSOV084A);
  • mixed-signal oscilloscopes start at $110,000 for an 8GHz, 80/40GSa/s model with 50Mpts per channel (MSOV084A);
  • digital signal analyzers start at $110,000 for an 8GHz, 80GSa/s model with SDA, EZJIT Plus and 100Mpts per channel (DSAV084A).

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Visit: www.keysight.com/find/VSeries

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