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11 March 2015

Marktech adds miniature ceramic package to point-source LED range

Marktech Optoelectronics of Latham, NY, USA, whose capabilities span wafer growth through finished packaging and custom solutions, has added a PLCC-4 and miniature ceramic package to its 650nm and 850nm point-source LED series.

Point-source LEDs are designed to deliver precise and consistent performance in the most demanding applications such as high-speed optical encoders, linear positioning, optical switch and critical sensing applications. As miniaturization continues to be the focus of new product designs, small high-reliability LED packaging will be needed to match performance, says the firm.

Marktech's point-source LEDs are powered by what is claimed to be a unique LED die that produces a well-defined pattern of light similar to a point. These chips - in combination with high-quality optical-grade glass lenses - produce an extremely narrow, near-parallel radiation pattern. This unobstructed, radiated beam pattern is made possible by masking the die and relocating the topside electrode. By eliminating the 'dark spot' typically associated with the center of conventional LEDs, the point-source LED yields superior results in critical sensing applications, it is claimed.

Through-hole package options for the series include high-reliability hermetically sealed TO-18 and TO-46 metal cans with a variety of lensing options that produce an array of viewing angles. Devices supplied without optics are manufactured with a flat glass window, allowing the designer to use proprietary collimating or other application-specific optics to take full advantage of the undistorted beam. "The point-source LED is a suitable alternative to laser diodes in short-distance applications offering increased temperature-range capabilities and reduced risk of discharge due to ESD," says Marktech's chief technology officer Vincent C Forte.

Custom packaging designs, which include chip-on-board (CoB) configurations or custom apertures, are also available.

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