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23 March 2015

NeoPhotonics launches micro-ICR for 100G and 400G coherent transport

NeoPhotonics Corp of San Jose, CA, a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of both indium phosphide (InP) and silica-on-silicon photonic integrated circuit (PIC)-based modules and subsystems for high-speed communications networks, has launched a micro-integrated coherent receiver (Micro-ICR) designed to fully support the OIF implementation agreement OIF-DPC-MRX-02.0, Type 1.

The Micro-ICR has a compact form factor that is about a quarter the size of the standard OIF 1.2 Type 1 ICR and half the size of the new OIF 1.2 Type 2 ICR. It is designed to be used in coherent analog CFP2-ACO pluggable modules as well as in high-density line cards. The Micro-ICR offers features for optical power monitoring and adjustment using variable optical attenuators (VOAs) and is designed for use with a single laser for both the local oscillator and the transmitter.

The new Micro-ICR joins a broad suite of optical products for 100G coherent communications, including the OIF 1.2 Type 2 small-form-factor ICR (Type 2 ICR) and the high-power narrow-linewidth, micro-integrable tunable laser assembly (micro-ITLA), both of which are now generally available and shipping to customers. These small-form-factor products are also designed to scale to 200G and 400G applications using higher-order modulation schemes. In addition, NeoPhotonics is continuing volume shipments and increasing manufacturing capacity for its standard OIF 1.2 Type 1 ICR and its standard-power ultra-narrow-linewidth external-cavity micro-ITLA.

"We are excited to use our hybrid photonic integration technology in our Micro-ICR to take another significant step in reducing the size of 100G optical components and thus allow our customers to increase the density of their 100G and beyond line-cards," says chairman & CEO Tim Jenks. "We are increasing manufacturing capacity to meet market demand for our currently shipping 100G coherent optical components and plan to transition that capacity to our newer, higher-density 100G and 400G products as demand grows," he adds.

NeoPhotonics is exhibiting its suite of standard and small-form-factor PIC-based components and its modular multi-cast switches, both for 100G coherent line-side applications - along with its 100G client-side CFP2 and CFP4 transceivers and its next-generation transceivers for access networks - in booth 1511 at the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC 2015) Exposition in Los Angeles (24-26 March).

Also at OFC, NeoPhotonics is presenting the following talks:

  • 22 March (3:30-6:30pm) - Flexible Optical Network Workshop (room 408A): 'CDC ROADM with Minimum EDFAs', presented by Winston I. Way.
  • 23 March (5:30pm) - session M3A.5: 'Degree-Expandable Colorless, Directionless, and Contentionless ROADM without Drop-Side EDFAs', presented by Wen-Jr Jiang, Ilya Vorobeichik and Winston I. Way.
  • 26 March (2pm) - session Th3A.4: '112 Gb/s PAM4 Transmission Over 40km SSMF Using 1.3 μm Gain-Clamped Semiconductor Optical Amplifier', presented by Trevor Chan and Winston I. Way.
  • 26 March (3:30pm) - session Th4F.1: 'InP Integrated Coherent Transmitter for 100 Gb/s DP-QPSK transmission', presented by Maxime Poirier.

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