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8 May 2015

DILAS delivers 20,000th fiber-laser pump module

Diode laser maker DILAS of Mainz, Germany has delivered its 20,000th high-power, high-brightness tailored bar-based (T-Bar) fiber-laser pump module.

Shipping its first unit in 2009, the milestone product was designed and developed as a pump source for kilowatt-class fiber-laser systems. Planned as a volume product from the very beginning, the production process has a high degree of automation.

DILAS says that, through the optimization of chip structures and optical parameters, its T-Bar architecture delivers high beam quality and high power using standard micro-optic fast-axis collimators (FAC) and slow-axis collimators (SAC), all assembled with automated processes. The T-Bar is a monolithic multi-emitter source allowing the handling of multiple emitters during each manufacturing step, to lower complexity and ease manufacturing. The result is enhanced reproducibility, beam quality and fiber-coupling efficiency.

Conservatively specified to 135W out of 200µm-diameter, 0.22 numerical aperture (NA) fiber when designed, the T-Bar module was later increased to 200W out of 200µm by optimizing the chip structures and fiber-coupling processes. Now, DILAS' latest generation has a higher density of tailored diode laser bars with output power of 250W out of 200µm fiber and 270W out of 225µm fiber. Whereas the fiber connector was intentionally detachable in the early phase, it turned out that the diode laser module is no longer considered a spare part. The latest generation is delivered with a non-detachable pigtailed fiber.

Within the tailored bar platform series, DILAS offers a number of other pump modules in different wavelengths and power.

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