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22 May 2015

EPC expands wide-pitch eGaN FET family with 40V, 60V and 100V versions

Efficient Power Conversion Corp (EPC) of El Segundo, CA, USA, which makes enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power field-effect transistors (FETs) for power management applications, has launched three eGaN FETs designed with a wider-pitch connection layout.

The products expand EPC's family of 'Relaxed Pitch' devices featuring a 1mm ball pitch. The wider pitch allows the placement of additional and larger vias under the device to enable high current-carrying capability despite the extremely small 2.6mm x 4.6mm footprint.

Specifically, the new eGaN power transistors extend EPC's portfolio with a high-performance, wider-pitch chip-scale package for ease of high-volume manufacturing and enhanced compatibility with mature manufacturing processes and assembly lines.

The EPC2030 has a drain voltage of VDS 40V, typical on-resistance RDS(on) of 1.8mΩ, typical gate charge of QG of 18nC, and pulsed drain current ID of 495A. The EPC2031 has VDS 60V, RDS(on) of 2.0mΩ, QG of 17nC, and ID of 450A. The EPC2032 has VDS 100V, RDS(on) of 3.0mΩ, QG of 14nC, and ID of 300A.

Compared to a state-of-the-art silicon power MOSFET with similar on-resistance, the new products are much smaller and have many times superior switching performance, claims EPC. They are suitable for applications such as high-frequency DC-DC converters, synchronous rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC converters, motor drives, and class-D audio.

Pricing is $3.46 for the EPC2030, $3.48 for the EPC2031 and $3.52 for the EPC2032, each in 1000-unit quantities. All three products are available for delivery from Digi-Key.

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Visit: http://digikey.com/Suppliers/us/Efficient-Power-Conversion.page

Visit: http://epc-co.com/epc/Products/eGaNFETs/EPC2030.aspx

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Visit: http://epc-co.com/epc/Products/eGaNFETs/EPC2032.aspx

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