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5 May 2015

Luminus launches ultra-high-density COBs to replace metal halide in retail spot lights

Luminus Inc of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, which makes LEDs and solid-state light sources, has launched a new family of ultra-high-density chip-on-board (COB) arrays designed to replace ceramic metal halide technology commonly used in spot lights for retail lighting. 

The new XH series COBs are available in a variety of standard light-emitting surface (LES) diameters including 6mm, 9mm, 11mm and 14mm, so customers can use their existing ecosystems for optics and connectors while producing new bulbs and fixtures with higher lumen output and increased center-beam candle power (CBCP). The 9mm and 11mm XH series COBs deliver the lumen output and quality of light to replace 39W and 70W metal halide sources, respectively, says the firm. As well as having a small 6mm XH series generates 1500 lumens with a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 3000K and a color rendering index (CRI) of 80. When combined with a 85mm-diameter optic, it throws an 8° beam with a CBCP of over 30,000Cd. 

"The high lumen density of our XH series is enabling our customers to replace metal halide by taking advantage of our high quality of light and shaping the beam into narrow spots with high CBCP while still maintaining small form factors in their bulb and luminaire designs," says product marketing director David Davito. "This results in more attractive retail displays where spot lights with more 'punch' will draw the consumers' eyes to targeted garments and merchandise, while also reducing energy bills," he adds. 

The XH series is available in a wide range of popular CCT and CRI combinations, including the 95-CRI minimum AccuWhite and below-black-body Sensus options (launched last year), which have been adopted in premium retail applications worldwide, says the firm. As with all Luminus COB products, the XH series is 100% specified and tested at 85°C to guarantee hot performance in the application.

Luminus is exhibiting the XH series and other new illumination light sources in booth 2141 at LightFair International 2015 in New York City (5-7 May).

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