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28 May 2015

Chinese LED maker Changelight buys Veeco EPIK 700 MOCVD systems

Epitaxial deposition and process equipment maker Veeco Instruments Inc of Plainview, NY, USA says that Xiamen Changelight Co Ltd of Xiamen, China has purchased multiple TurboDisc EPIK 700 gallium nitride (GaN) metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) systems for faster production and greater yield of light-emitting diodes for general lighting applications.

Changelight says that the decision to purchase EPIK 700 systems was based on their reliable performance and on Changelight's existing experience with other Veeco TurboDisc MOCVD reactors (including a large installed base of MaxBright and K475 MOCVD systems for high-volume LED production).

"Veeco's TurboDisc platform has provided Changelight with increased LED wafer production and easy process transfer between systems, saving us both time and money," comments Haifang Cai, general manager & board member of Changelight. "By adding multiple EPIK 700 MOCVD systems to our fleet of reactors, we can ramp even more quickly, expand high-volume production with best-in-class wafer uniformity and reduce operating expenses."

Introduced in 2014 and available in one- and two-reactor configurations, the EPIK 700 MOCVD system is reckoned to be the LED industry's highest-productivity system, reducing cost per wafer by up to 20% compared with previous-generation systems. The system features technologies including the IsoFlange center injection flow and TruHeat wafer coil technologies, which provide homogeneous laminar flow and uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer carrier. These innovations produce wavelength uniformity to drive higher yields in a tighter bin. Veeco says that the EPIK700 system offers a 2.5x throughput advantage over other systems due to its large reactor size. Designed for mass production, it accommodates 31x4", 12x6" and 6x8" wafer carrier sizes. Users can transfer processes from existing TurboDisc platforms to the EPIK 700 MOCVD system, enabling quick-start production of LEDs.

"As the preferred MOCVD system for Changelight, the increased capacity and technology advantages of the EPIK 700 system will support their growth and position as a leading LED manufacturer for general lighting and display markets," says Jim Jenson, senior VP & general manager of Veeco MOCVD Operations.

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