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8 May 2015

VisIC launches 650V normally-off GaN power switches

VisIC Technologies Ltd of Rehovot, Israel, a fabless developer of devices based on gallium nitride (GaN) metail-insulator-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistors (MISHEMTs) founded in 2010, has launched its first normally-off GaN power switch (sampling soon to OEMs).

The ALL-Switch (Advanced Low-Loss Switch) is expected to provide the fastest power-switching devices available among low-resistance components. Applications include photovoltaic inverters, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), hybrid electric vehicles/electric vehicles (HEV/EV) and high-voltage DC-DC conversion.

"With the combinations of our technology and the cost of GaN-on-silicon, we see ourselves able to meet our goal to deliver GaN performance to OEMs at silicon MOSFET prices," says CEO & co-founder Dr Tamara Baksht. "This is the long awaited 'game-changer' for GaN in power conversion devices," she adds. "Delivering this promise to the very large 650V applications space will rapidly expand the use of GaN-based components, since GaN also provides the efficiency gains, cost reductions and size reductions OEMs want to deliver to their customers in systems currently using silicon IGBTs and MOSFETs."

Tags: GaN-on-Si power transistor

Visit: www.visic-tech.com

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