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16 November 2015

GigOptix launches single- and quad-channel limiting 28Gbps DML drivers

GigOptix Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (a fabless supplier of analog semiconductor and optical communications components for fiber-optic and wireless networks) has launched a highly integrated, low-power-dissipation, small-form-factor single- and quad-channel limiting 28Gbps direct modulated laser (DML) driver chipset for 25Gbps and 100Gbps Ethernet data-center and cloud computing applications.

The single-channel HXT42100 and quad-channel HXT42400 DML drivers enable the next generation of lower-power 28Gbps SFP28+ and 100Gbps QSFP28+ Ethernet modules or active optical cable (AOC) solutions, as well as providing 32GFC and 128GFC support for fiber channel storage solutions.

The HXT42100 and HXT42400 share the same architecture, with a high level of integration, low power dissipation, and small form factor. The HXT42100 single-channel driver footprint is sufficiently small to use within a TOSA (TO-can) solution. Both DML drivers support low-voltage-supply operation as low as 2.5V with modulation and bias currents of 50mA and 50mA respectively, enabling the next generation of low-power modules, and can be driven with supply voltages up to 3.3V if higher modulation and bias currents are required. A single channel operating at 2.5V will dissipate less than 200mW of chip power. Neither of the two devices require any external digital-analog convertors (DACs) for operations.

With both the HXT42100 and HXT4240, a high level of integration is provided by incorporating the modulation, bias and pulse-shaping DAC into the devices with an integrated I2C interface for control, monitoring, fault, and status detection. The 1MHz I2C interface enables full control of additional functionality such as signal detect and squelch, bandwidth adjust, mask-able fault and interrupt generation, internal temperature monitor selection, channel polarity inversion, and programmable CTLE input equalization.

"Next to our market-dominating 40Gbps short-reach (SR) and long-reach (LR) ICs, and the 100Gbps SR ICs and CDR, the DML driver will substantially enhance our 100Gbps long-reach market penetration," reckons datacom marketing director Tom Kapucija.

"With integrated bias and modulation current control via our standard I2C interface, low power and small form factor, TOSA TO-can form factor integration is now possible," notes Emad Afifi, senior director of engineering and the lead designer of these parts.

The HXT42100 and HXT42400 are sampling now and will be shipped in full production volumes in second-quarter 2016.

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Visit: www.gigoptix.com

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