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19 November 2015

Qorvo launches power amplifiers and duplexers to support small-cell network growth

Qorvo Inc of Greensboro, NC and Hillsboro, OR, USA, which provides core technologies and RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and aerospace/defense applications, has launched seven new products – four new power amplifiers and three new duplexers – to support growth in small-cell base stations, helping to improve mobile network performance by expanding small-cell capacity.

"These small-cell products deliver the high levels of integration, transmit power, isolation and overall performance our infrastructure customers require to improve network coverage in dense environments, such as sports stadiums, airports, train stations and large enterprise buildings," says James Klein, president of Qorvo's Infrastructure and Defense Products group. "Qorvo is rapidly expanding our broad portfolio of premium products using internally sourced, differentiated technologies," he adds. "Key strategic customers are requesting volume shipments."

Qorvo's newest power duplexers and amplifiers (PAs) cover major cellular infrastructure frequency bands, including bands 1 and 3, with superior band isolation.

The duplexers TQQ7101 (band 1, with passbands 1920–1980 and 2110–2170MHz), TQQ6103 (band 3, 1710–1785 and 1805–1880MHz) and TQQ6107 (band 7, 2500–2570 and 2620–2690MHz) are based on the firm's premium bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology and feature low insertion loss, high isolation and what is claimed to be industry-leading power handling.

Qorvo's newest infrastructure PAs include the TQP9218 (1805–1880MHz), TQP9221 (2010–2170MHz), TQP9418 (1805–1880MHz) and TQP9421 (2110–2170MHz). The TQP9218 and TQP9221 PAs provide -48dBc ACLR (adjacent-channel leakage ratio) at 24.5dB of linear output power, while the TQP9418 and TQP9421 PAs provide -48dBc ACLR at 27dB of linear output power (each with 20MHz LTE signals). Each of the PAs deliver 16% efficiency at the rated power levels with 30dB gain in a 7mm x 7mm surface-mount package. The PAs are fully integrated with on-chip control bias and internal temperature compensation circuits to allow for operation from a 4.5 or 5V supply and do not require linearized system techniques such as digital pre-distortion.

Both the duplexers and PAs are integrated solutions, with a small footprint, eliminating external components. In addition, the TQP9221 PA can be utilized for bands 4, 10, 34, and 66; the TQQ6107 duplexer is intended to be used for band 7.

Qorvo says that it continues to expand its small-cell product portfolio to accommodate additional bands and provide seamless coverage across the entire front end. The firm's broad portfolio of small-cell solutions includes low-noise amplifiers, filters, switches, duplexers and power amplifiers. Samples of the above duplexers and power amplifiers are available now through global distribution channels.

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