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7 October 2015

Infinera unifies end-to-end product portfolio and launches platforms for metro 100G market

Infinera Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of digital optical transport networking systems incorporating its own indium phosphide-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), has introduced a new unified Intelligent Transport Network product portfolio to address the surge in demand that industry analysts forecast for metro 100Gb/s packet-optical networking solutions in 2016.

Mobile, video and cloud-based services are driving a transformation of metro packet-optical networks from 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s, says Infinera. The new portfolio unifies the firm's long-haul DTN-X platforms with metro packet-optical solutions obtained through August's acquisition of metro packet-optical network provider Transmode AB of Stockholm, Sweden and introduces three new platforms to the DTN-X family, enabling it to address the entire wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) market from long-haul to metro access. IHS Research forecasts that the end-to-end WDM market will exceed $15bn by 2019.

New unified packet-optical portfolio

Infinera has introduced new hardware and software capabilities that unify its long-haul DTN-X family with the Infinera TM-Series metro packet-optical solution. The TM-Series joined the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network portfolio through the acquisition of Transmode. New hardware modules for the DTN-X XTC Series enable direct 100Gb/s WDM line-side interworking with the TM-Series. The TM-Series offers packet-optical transport for a rich set of metro applications including mobile front-haul and back-haul, business Ethernet and triple-play aggregation for cable and service provider networks. The new PT-Fabric for the TM-Series is designed to extend these capabilities to terabit switching and metro 100Gb/s networking. Infinera introduced new capabilities for the Infinera Digital Node Administrator (DNA) network management system, enabling unified control of the DTN-X family and the TM-Series from metro access to long-haul core. The unified end-to-end portfolio is designed with extensive software-defined network (SDN) programmability.

Two new metro DTN-X platforms

Infinera has introduced the DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E platforms to extend the scale, efficiency and simplicity of the DTN-X family to metro core and regional network applications. The XTC-2 and XTC-2E converge 100Gb/s coherent WDM transmission with packet-aware OTN switching in a platform with the small footprint and low power consumption demanded by metro and regional networks. All platforms in the XTC Series support the oPIC-100, Infinera's next-generation photonic integrated circuit to extend the space, performance and reliability benefits of PICs from the long-haul to the metro.

New long-haul DTN-X platform

Infinera has introduced the XT-500 platform, a new member of the DTN-X family, highlighting the firm's continued investment in long-haul solutions. The XT-500 is a two-rack unit, stackable platform based on Infinera's PIC-500, delivering 500Gb/s WDM super-channels and designed for rapid deployment of high-bandwidth long-haul data-center interconnection. The XT-500 integrates with the Infinera FlexILS Line System to support fixed and flexible grid for extended reach and increased fiber efficiency. Applications include point-to-point interconnect and within optically switched mesh network topologies using reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs). Managed as a part of a DTN-X node, the XT-500 supports Infinera's Instant Bandwidth to rapidly deploy additional bandwidth in 100Gb/s increments with a few clicks of a mouse.

"Infinera can now address the entire WDM market – which we expect to top $15bn by 2019 – from the edge to the core and across both traditional service provider and internet content provider applications," comments Andrew Schmitt, senior principal analyst at IHS Technology. "Infinera and the DTN-X played a major role in the optical re-boot from 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s in the long-haul core, and the company is well timed to enter the metro portion of the market, which we expect to surge in 2016," he adds.

"Colt has deployed Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks throughout our European backbone," notes Nicolas Fischbach, strategy, architecture and innovation director at Colt Technology Services. "Infinera's investment in introducing the XTC-2 and XTC-2E to the DTN-X family will provide the granularity and flexibility required at small to medium sites. The products demonstrate Infinera's commitment to responding to customer requirements and helping drive coherent technologies to the edge," he adds.  

"Our vision is to enable an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth that the next communications infrastructure is built upon," says Infinera's CEO Tom Fallon. "Infinera's new unified Intelligent Transport Network portfolio is engineered to provide network operators a precise set of tools to scale long-haul, data-center interconnect and metro networks," he adds. "As network operators transform their networks to 100Gb/s, Infinera's unified portfolio offers right-sized, application-specific platforms that scale bandwidth, accelerate service innovation and simplify network operations."

The XTC-2, XTC-2E, XT-500, unified portfolio hardware and software features are planned for general availability in fourth-quarter 2015.

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