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14 October 2015

Luminus launches 3V 3030 mid-power LEDs delivering 200lm/W, 97CRI and 2200K candle-warm options

Luminus Inc of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, which makes LEDs and solid-state light sources, has launched a family of 3V 3030 mid-power LEDs offering a wide range of options including luminous efficiacy of 200 lumens per Watt, a color rendering index (CRI) of 95+, and a 'candle-warm' color temperature of 2200K. 

Building on its range of chip-on-board (COB) arrays and mid-power products, Luminus' new MP-3030-1100 series includes a total of 18 different CCT/CRI combinations to choose from, including cool-white 70 CRI products capable of delivering up to 200lm/W in outdoor applications and the AccuWhite 95 CRI minimum (97 typical) warm white for luxury retail applications.

"Our customers have recognized the leading performance, breadth of product, and outstanding quality of light delivered by our COB arrays and big-chip LEDs in directional applications, and now they are thrilled to have the same characteristics in a mid-power product to enable a complete line of non-directional luminaires and bulbs which satisfy even the most demanding specifiers and end-users," says VP of marketing Mark Pugh. 

Another feature of the MP-3030-1100 family is 'hot color targeting', so that the LEDs are engineered to produce light with chromaticity tightly centered in the ANSI bin under normal operating conditions of 85°C.  Luminus claims that, in contrast, competitors' LEDs - which are usually color targeted at 25°C - tend to drift away from the ANSI bin in the field, where operating temperatures are much higher. The firm's 3030 LEDs are tested at 150mA nominal forward current and can be driven as hard as 240mA to provide optimal lumens per dollar. For users who want to maximize system efficacy, the 5700K, 70CRI product delivers as much as 200lm/W at 65mA.

Luminus is exhibiting several new illumination light sources in booth 1B-B28 (Hall of Aurora) at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (27–30 October).

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