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30 August 2016

Lumileds adds FreshFocus Technology to LUXEON Stylist Series of LEDs

LED maker Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA has unveiled FreshFocus Technology (for showcasing fruit and vegetable produce in its freshest state) as part of its LUXEON Stylist Series of LEDs (designed to provide the lighting environment to sell products in fashion retail stores, fresh food markets and restaurants).

FreshFocus Technology enhances the appearance and sale of different food types through spectrum engineering. The color point for produce specifically highlights greens, reds and yellows and is below the blackbody line at a color temperature of 3000K. A below-blackbody color point enables a higher color gamut and provides fully saturated color depiction.

"When you optimize the saturation of the most dominant colors in produce, they appear fresher and more appetizing, leading to higher sales," states Luis AceƱa, senior manager, Stylist Series. Typical return on investment for LEDs with FreshFocus Technology is within one year, it is reckoned. "LED lighting is so attractive already to supermarkets because of the significant energy savings," he adds. "Now we can help grocers boost sales by making produce as appealing as possible, providing further incentive for market differentiation."

FreshFocus Technology is offered as omnidirectional, spotlight and downlight and built-to-spec lighting solutions. It is initially offered on the LUXEON CoB 1208 and 1211 arrays to power downlights and spotlights in the 3300 and 4500 lumen range, with luminous efficacy of 100lm/W. FreshFocus Technology is also offered in the Matrix Platform using LUXEON LEDs on flexible or rigid substrates. The platform's proprietary Oberon pick-and-place technology is said to deliver consistent light appearance.

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Visit: www.lumileds.com/StylistSeries

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