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19 February 2016

Soraa launches flicker-free digital driver MR16 LED lamps

Soraa Inc of Fremont, CA, USA, which develops solid-state lighting technology built on 'GaN on GaN' (gallium nitride on gallium nitride) substrates, has incorporated advanced digital drivers into its MR16 LED lamps, making them flicker free. Featuring full-visible-spectrum light, the new Flicker Free MR16 LED lamp is said to eliminate the problem of stroboscopic effect ('invisible flicker') that plagues other MR16 LED lamps. In doing so, Soraa's digital driver addresses the adverse physiological effects associated with invisible flicker, and significantly expands the compatibility and capability of the MR16 lamp.

Soraa says it has created a high-capability digital driver that closely matches the very small form factor of a halogen MR16, leading to superior fixture compatibility compared to other low-flicker MR16s, it is claimed. In addition, the new digital driver MR16 LED lamps have expanded compatibility with transformers and dimmers and, like all of Soraa's lamps, they regulate temperature to maintain lifetime, color quality and efficiency across a range of application conditions.

The new digital driver MR16 LED lamps are claimed to be the first true ANSI size standard flicker free LED lamps. The lamps are available in 6W, 7.5W and 9W versions with light output equivalent to 35W, 50W and 75W halogen lamps, are fully dimmable, and the 6W and 7.5W lamps are suitable for enclosed, non-ventilated, indoor and outdoor fixtures (where other LED lamps struggle to perform, it is claimed). The Flicker Free MR16 LED lamps are also available with beam angles of 10°, 25° and 36°, color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, and color rendering indexes (CRI) of 95 and 80. Plus, Soraa's 10° lamps work with the firm's magnetic accessory SNAP System (where, with a simple magnetic accessory attachment, beam shapes can be altered and color temperature can be modified, allowing flexibility in design and display).

Like all of Soraa's LED products, the Flicker Free MR16 lamps feature the firm's Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP3) LED technology, enabling the rendering of colors and whiteness. Utilizing every color in the rainbow, especially deep red emission, VP3 Vivid Color renders warm tones accurately, and achieves a CRI of 95 and deep red (R9) rendering of 95. Also, unlike blue-based white LEDs without any violet emission, the VP3 Natural White is achieved by engineering the violet emission to properly excite fluorescing brightening agents including natural objects like human eyes and teeth, as well as manufactured white materials such as clothing, paper and cosmetics.

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