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28 January 2016

Advanced Energy highlighting high-speed pyrometer for MOCVD at SEMICON Korea

In booth 2712 (Hall A) at SEMICON Korea 2016 in Seoul (27-29 January), Advanced Energy Industries Inc of Fort Collins, CO, USA is highlighting its power and control technologies. Among its process power, high-voltage power and thermal products on display, the firm is featuring its new, floating, high-voltage bipolar power supply and next-generation high-speed pyrometer.

The UltraVolt FLHV series provides high-voltage power for the strong force of electrostatic chucks (ESC) and elevates system performance with advanced controls and monitoring as well as floating (isolated) unipolar/bipolar high-voltage outputs with high stability and reliability. The Sekidenko MXE G2 pyrometer provides high-speed temperature and reflectance measurement for deposition processes including metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) applications for high-brightness light-emitting diode (HBLED) production and emerging III-V materials.

"We offer exceptional temperature and reflectance measurement with the MXE G2 product for processes requiring high-speed acquisition, such as high susceptor rotation speeds commonly used for HBLED production," claims president & CEO Yuval Wasserman.  

Advanced Energy is showcasing its full product portfolio for semiconductor and thin-film processing applications, including:

  • RF power with multi-level pulsing, enabling a wide variety of semiconductor applications and providing flexibility and adaptability for 3D, IC, VNAND and next-generation device structures;
  • source technology uniquely suited to operate in ultra-clean semiconductor applications, enabling critical plasma-based processes with lower device damage, higher throughput and higher yields;
  • high-voltage modules and systems for e-beam, e-chuck and other semiconductor, analytical and industrial processes that require energy density, flexibility and modularity;
  • DC power for PVD processes used in semiconductor and display manufacturing for copper, aluminum, tantalum, titanium and newer exotic materials;
  • thermal products (including pyrometers, optical fiber thermometers and SCR thyristor power controllers) that offer precise thermal profiles and advanced process control solutions for increased productivity, yield and throughput.

Tags: Pyrometers MOCVD LEDs

Visit: www.advanced-energy.com/en/sck2016.html

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