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25 January 2016

EPC posts video series on how to design with GaN power devices for power conversion

Efficient Power Conversion Corp (EPC) of El Segundo, CA, USA, which makes enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power field-effect transistors (FETs) for power management applications, has expanded its video library on GaN technology by adding a nine-part educational video series to provide power system design engineers with technical information and application examples on how to design more efficient power conversion systems using GaN-based transistors and integrated circuits.

Beyond giving the design basics for using GaN transistors and reliability information, the video series provides direction on converting development boards into working prototypes. Further, it offers practical examples on the use of GaN transistors in widely used power electronics applications such as DC-DC conversion for telecom and datacom systems, as well as two videos on the use of GaN devices in wireless charging systems.

The 'Gallium Nitride Advanced Learning' video series comprises the following:

  • GAL01: What is GaN? - GaN has emerged as a displacement technology to silicon solutions. GaN's superior performance can be implemented at the price of silicon, makes it suitable for power conversion system.
  • GAL02: Design Basics - Gate drive requirements for use with eGaN FET and current power conversion circuit designs.
  • GAL03: GaN is Reliable - EPC reliability testing has demonstrated that GaN technology is ready for commercial use, and this video describes the reliability tests and the results achieved.
  • GAL04: 500 W Isolated DC-DC Converter with GaN – The Power of a Quarter Brick in the Size of an Eight Brick - Presentation of a fully regulated, fully isolated 500W 1/8th brick using eGaN transistors enabling a 60% increase in power in the industry-standard DOSA footprint.
  • GAL05: Cut the Cord! Wireless Power with GaN - Demonstrations of the benefits of GaN technology in resonant wireless power transfer systems. Both AirFuel Alliance's class 2 and class 3 system designs are showcased as examples.
  • GAL06: eGaN IC's – Integrate for Even Higher Efficiency in Wireless Power and DC-DC Conversion - Integration further widens the efficiency gap between eGaN technology and traditional silicon. Integrated devices save space, improve efficiency, and lower system costs.
  • GAL07: Increase Power Density with GaN - Discussion of techniques (including thermal management) for obtaining the most benefit from using GaN technology in power conversion applications.
  • GAL08: How to Turn a Development Board into a Working Prototype - A practical guide on turning a standard EPC half-bridge development board into a working prototype system.
  • GAL09: Where is GaN Going? - CEO & co-founder Alex Lidow discusses the wide variety of applications enabled by GaN technology (including emerging applications such as autonomous vehicles, wireless power transfer, augmented reality, and envelope tracking).

"This series of short, less than ten-minute each, videos will assist designers of power conversion systems increase their understanding of state-of-the-art in power conversion as well as the role played by GaN technology," notes Lidow. "These videos will accelerate their learning curve and increase their ability to take maximum advantage of the high switching frequency and high performance of GaN power transistors."

The new GaN Advanced Learning video series is accessible on the EPC video library or on the EPC YouTube Video Channel.

Tags: EPC E-mode GaN FETs GaN-on-Si

Visit: http://epc-co.com/epc/DesignSupport/TrainingVideos.aspx

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/EPCCorporation

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