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21 January 2016

Samsung's launches LM561B+ high-efficacy mid-power LED package line-up

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of Seoul, Korea says that LM561B+, its new high-efficacy mid-power LED package line-up, is now offered with 3-step MacAdam ellipse bins and quarter bins across the range of all correlated color temperatures (CCTs), from 2700K to 6500K, for use in premium luminaires. By leveraging the chromaticity control standard with the LM561B+, manufacturers can make lighting products that deliver greater uniformity and consistency in light color without any visible difference in the color output between packages, says the firm.

Since 2013, Samsung has been introducing high-performance mid-power LED packages such as the LM561 series for indoor lighting applications including LED lamps, L-tubes, ambient lighting and downlights. Its latest LM561 LED packages – the LM561B+ and LM561C – provide 190lm/W and 200lm/W of light efficacy respectively (claimed to be industry-leading performance). Later this year, Samsung will also extend its range of 3-step MacAdam ellipse bins and quarter bins for the LM561C across all CCT levels.

In addition, for its high-color-rendering LM561B+ packages with a color-rendering index (CRI) of over 90, Samsung plans to apply advanced phosphor control technology, which should lead to about 15% higher flux performance.

In supporting its LED lighting component customers more efficiently, Samsung says that it is also strengthening its product certification program around the globe. Through cooperative relationships with recognized certification companies in the USA, Korean, European and Chinese markets, Samsung is working to help minimize any difficulties that customers may encounter due to varying certification requirements for lighting quality, safety and power efficiency. The partnerships aim to simplify complex procedures, reduce time to market, and ultimately have a positive impact on overall costs.

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